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  1. The barriers on the sides of the trains you mention only existed for a short while too, the restraints ended up being replaced as a long term fix. They allow minimal movement of the legs and they are awful.
  2. I made this to fit on the island behind swarm and stealth, its based on the idea that a monster lives in the the lakes around the island and has a loose pirate theme, sort of a throw back to the old treasure island. I also added a log flume to replace logger that could also be expanded upon theme wise. Anyway I think something like could be really fun and fill the airtime sized hole in Thorpes line up.
  3. Sorry to bump this topic but I have a really strange question and I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me out? I just stumbled across this video on you tube somehow and noticed it uses part of the Colossus theme but instead has a guy rapping over it. Does anyone know if Thorpe Park commissioned the song originally, or is the version in this video the original? When I googled the lyrics nothing showed up which was quite strange and also leads me to believe that the guy raping must have used the Thorpe version as a sample. Is anyone able t
  4. yep it reaches around 4.5G in a few places however that's not in lateral G forces. If a roller coaster had the possibility of giving you a neck fracture, even with a restraint it wouldn't be open. I like to think I know a thing or two about roller coaster design and typical designers will avoid high lateral forces as much as they can as they are generally quite uncomfortable (for example, a wild mouse) I'll try back up my point with some evidence. Take this heart line roll on Maverick for example at 12 seconds (it was eventually removed cause of stress on the train)
  5. I can assure you Saw reaches nowhere near 5G in lateral forces in fact I'd be surprised if surpasses anything over 1. Shoulder restraints purpose are not to keep your head in place.
  6. Not true, plenty of rides have snappy turns and utilize lap bars. Just take a look at Iron Shark or Dare Devil Dive, both Eurofighters both use lap bars Don't belittle me with a completely unfounded comment and then proceed to patronize me with a question like that. Especially as you seem to have no idea what your talking about.
  7. I was operating there back in 2013/14 so left before The Smiler incident so I would imagine things have probably changed a bit. I remember having to do like 12 hour practical hours before being able to operate Tomb Blaster and Rattlesnake then on top of that it was 2 hours reading a COSWP. There was also a theory test and practical test. The emphasis still then was massively on H&S and interactivity, getting high throughput's was never really encouraged at all. We were always told (much to my annoyance) "Make sure you are taking your time with your checks and showing guests safety is the n
  8. A little bit off topic but for some reason that "news" story got me thinking about how much better a ride Saw would be if they were able to replace the trains with the infinity II style trains, or even just replace the shoulder restrains with lap bars. I know it would make no marketing sense to change it and Merlin are the type of company to add OTSR to an RMC. Still it would make for a great ride as the layout really isn't that bad at all its just all that head banging that ruins the ride a bit.
  9. Its not the most reliable of rides however its more likely to be running then it is to be closed. Try not to worry about it to much or let it weigh on your mind too much as it will end up spoiling your trip. At the end of the day if it is down for whatever reason (which it shouldn't be) there isn't really much you can do about it plus I ranked it quite low compare to some of the other coasters in the park so although it would be annoying to miss out on it, it really isn't the end of the world.
  10. Anyone else heard anything about a carousel planned for Market Square. I'm not sure if its moving the current one or getting an entirely new one but apparently this is something happening next year in place of the donuts shack. Was wondering if anyone else had heard anything about this?
  11. I'm going to try help you out a little as I visited in August 2015, things may have changed a bit but hopefully some of info will be of use. - As far as I can remember every major coaster had a front row queue, I'm not one for being too fussed about riding front so I didn't use it. They seemed to vary in length, all depended on the ride really. - Got to be honest the Safari was probably the highlight of the day, 100 times better than Zufari and IMO better then Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney. It lasts a good 30 or so minutes and the amount of animals you get to see is amazing.
  12. If anyone is interested I try to build realistic/detailed parks in Planet Coaster.
  13. Which is a shame as it comes across as a sort of "that will do" attitude.
  14. I was afraid it may come across a bit like that, I just feel after the hype around the ride settles everyone will look at it again and see how much better it could have been. This is my opinion as an enthusiast, not a member of the GP. ask my friends what they think of Saw, 9 out of 10 of them will say its their favorite ride, that's because Thorpe Park is all they know.
  15. Any ride that tries to make you do stuff, is not fun. Forced interactivity is the worst thing! Instead of pretending their is something to panic about, actually make me scared. It's a shame, I went in with terribly low expectations and the whole time I was thinking what an absolute waste. It frustrates me to think what they could have built with the money they had. I try my hardest to not bash Merlin but I feel people are deluding themselves into thinking this is a good ride, its not.
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