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  1. EpicSmatty

    The Alton Towers Dungeons?

    Construction work is apparently going on around the Charlie ATCF building, seems quite a likely spot to put it, can't see where else it would go apart from inside the towers.
  2. EpicSmatty

    Park Music

    Nick Hutson has uploaded samples of all the various tracks to his YouTube channel too: https://www.youtube.com/user/nickhutson/videos
  3. EpicSmatty

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    It's looking unlikely I'll be able to make it, if I can it'll only be in the late afternoon/evening
  4. EpicSmatty

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I haven't but I discovered today (via an advert for it) that it's not exclusive to Fright Nights, it's also in Westfield and a few other locations
  5. EpicSmatty

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    You're right, I didn't even think of that, looks completely different in this one:
  6. EpicSmatty

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Here's the complete line up, unless the Fanta thing is something amazing it's a pretty big let down as the last announcement (why not just announce it with all the others?)
  7. EpicSmatty

    On ride photos

    Last time I looked they were £10 with a digital photo included
  8. EpicSmatty

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    This is exactly what I thought it needed in 2016 (only time I've done Platform), a dark space can be enhanced so much with sound effects
  9. EpicSmatty

    Park Operations

    This has definitely changed now, while I worked at a Merlin park we were told not to do any ratios but to try and keep the fasttrack queue at a third of the queue time of the main queue (at a maximum, usually there were nowhere near enough people for this to happen). Saves a member of staff, so no-one will be at the fasttrack merge point (which will be deemed as a non-essential position). This is purely one or more of the staff being lazy, I've worked on this ride and it can be a bit stressful to try and make sure that the batching is done right but it's really not that difficult, but some people just don't bother at all and keep the lanes blocked off regardless.
  10. EpicSmatty

    Park Music

    The Director clips were quite good, especially the Colossus one. But I agree they're getting old now, and also make no sense with the director not being part of FN anymore.
  11. EpicSmatty

    Park Music

    From my knowledge of sound equipment I'm pretty sure it's problems with he speakers themselves (mainly being broken) as a faulty amplifier would cause all the speakers connected to it to sound quiet/wrong rather than just a few. I noticed the problems a lot around Colossus, one speaker would be pumping out music while the rest didn't work, meaning you could only hear the soundtrack in about 20% of the area! Was very disappointing.
  12. EpicSmatty

    Strong wind

    Tiger Rock and Dragon's Fury will close if gusts of wind are too strong but not for long if it isn't consistent. All the other rides (Vampire included) require very strong consistent wind levels to close them. (Source: worked there for a while)
  13. EpicSmatty

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Their 10 year plan has 2 new rides on it, so we can hopefully expect something in the next few years
  14. EpicSmatty

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Loving the marketing for this so far!