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  1. I don't know when they last worked but they seem to have actively turned them off currently as the audio in the queue doesn't play the news clips, just the area ambience.
  2. Merlin's Covid-19 plans for Madame Tussauds, would imagine measures for other attractions are identical or very similar: https://www.madametussauds.com/media/2207350/merlin-entertainments-covid-19-protecting-our-guests-and-employees.pdf
  3. Don't know about the evacuation side but this happens more often than you'd think. The Vampire even has a pre-recorded announcement to play if it needs to happen.
  4. Best recording of the refurbishment yet, music is quite catchy. Will miss the old music but the new music is just as good it appears, new announcements are much better too.
  5. Looks better! (LED lights in the ceiling have gone too)
  6. New food offerings is nice to see, looks like Fins Bar & Grill is being replaced by Infinity Bar & Kitchen
  7. Vampire is such a shell of its former self, really wouldn't take that much work to make it look like this again but I doubt it will ever happen...
  8. That and Netflix would have put its branding on there. For anyone unaware Netflix does not own the distribution rights for Black Mirror (Netflix Originals is just a name), they are just the current platform Endemol Shine UK (the distributor, and 50% owned by Disney) sells it to. I'm looking forward to this attraction, it could do very well for the park. The IP is current and fits its audience well, I just hope they execute it well.
  9. It lasted 3 years before from my memory, so that's gone down. Why would it matter anyway? If you have a disability it is unlikely to change in that time
  10. During my time working on there I found (surprisingly) some people were still impressed with the station, I guess it must be the scale of it is so unusual in the UK. While a lot of what made it what it is has gone I would hope they can at least claw back some of its former glory.
  11. I really hope this is a refurbishment for the better and not the worse. The ride is so unique and I really hope it doesn't lose that uniqueness. I do know that they have wanted to replace the speaker system for a few years (the back-end of it is relatively new but the speakers themselves are getting fairly old now). I really wish they'd put the chandeliers back up, the room feels so empty without them. It's not out of the question since they've still got them tucked away at the end of the station although I imagine it wouldn't be cheap.
  12. Did a bit more digging from Google Streetview, the works done to Amity Beach are several years old since the slides in the photos aren't there anymore. I'd imagine the other ones are fairly old too. Probably just some repairs on the Nemesis building I'd imagine
  13. So getting back on topic... PJW Contracts LTD has been doing some work for Thorpe Park (noticed their van parked outside Nemesis Inferno in a recent YouTube video). Their website lists a few things they've done at the park, but most of them look to be fairly old photos: https://www.pjwcontractsltd.com/services.php?page=merlin-entertainments.php. Could be something very unexciting considering they do corrosion repair and similar jobs.
  14. Probably because nothing is happening!
  15. The food at that place tasted great, didn't seem to last long though. Wasn't even replaced with anything else.
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