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  1. DBGT just won an award from the Themed Entertainment Association for its exceptional application of story plus various old and new show techniques: http://www.teaconnect.org/Press/Press-Releases/index.cfm?id=7154
  2. Fright Nights 2017

    5 mins for Sanctum though! That's either a lie or the throughput is insane
  3. Rumba Rapids

    I'm wondering if perhaps the increased staffing costs had anything to do with its early closure this season. With the number of lifeguards on that ride, the staffing costs must have increased considerably, and I can see Merlin not wanting to continue to run the ride with such high costs as it isn't one of their flagship rides.
  4. Thorpe Park Engineer Salary?

    Just to add to this, I believe Merlin has specific graduate jobs in engineering available if you look on Merlin's website, not sure about pay though.
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    From the looks of it, I think the path to the side may just be a vehicle track so they can go around the maze without damaging the grass. If I'm thinking of the right spot this track is used by emergency services and probably some TP vehicles.
  6. NUS Extra Valid for Student Offer?

    I'm pretty sure it does, it's the most accepted form of student ID from what I can tell.
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    Thorpe is teasing something happening on Tuesday...
  8. X

    Sounds like the most likely answer! It's a shame really, really limits the theme of the ride. What confuses me still is a number of people on the forums said it was very loud in the pyramid so I'm wondering if it has been turned down since because loud was not a word I'd use to describe it!
  9. X

    Went on X for the first time since the refurbishment. Came off quite disappointed, the improvements are very slight and my biggest problem with the ride (how quiet the music is) barely seems to be fixed, the music is a bit louder but nowhere near what it should be. The change of lights makes is a bit better than before and the new queue line stuff is nice. Still doesn't beat the first time I rode X in 2013 and the music was so loud you could hear it from outside!
  10. Education (Exam Results)

    Well done! All the hard work finally pays off!
  11. 2017 Season General Discussion

    I believe it's being used currently as a filming studio for a web series Fanta has been sponsoring, called Joe or something similar
  12. Vampire

    It would certainly improve things but I can't think of any independent company which would have the money to do so or want to. FTSE100 companies such as Merlin will pretty much only ever sell their divisions off for big sums of money and the buyers are almost always companies of similar size who will operate the same way. It's rare for something to go from being owned by a large corporation to being independently owned, simply because the price is too high. It's a sad fact and I wish it could be different, a company that really cares about the theme parks could make such a difference, but I just don't see it happening. London Paramount seems to be the only viable competition to Merlin, although it's recently been announced that Paramount is pulling out and it's been delayed yet again to 2023. Merlin buy up everything so that they can make it how they want it without competition, although they can only change it so much before they lose customers.
  13. Vampire

    That's only ever going to happen if the park is making a loss for them. And they'll just make constant cutbacks first.
  14. Thorpe Ticket Kiosks

    Not sure about the kiosks but for the AP discount you just need to go to the Annual Pass or Advance Ticket Collection and show your pass to get a discounted ticket. More info here: https://www.thorpepark.com/annual-pass-holders
  15. Park Music

    Now that a lot of the park has had it's music replaced by the Island Theme, does anywhere still play chart music or does everywhere have it's own soundtrack now? I remember the beach and flying fish always had chart music so I'm assuming it's changed there now.