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  1. It definitely was there at the start, used it on two separate days with mine since the start of the season. Although having checked on the 'wayback machine', it was never actually advertised as a perk.
  2. And it does once again! Can hear that countdown everywhere now, really confused me at first, thought they'd turned the speakers right up at the base but then saw the ones on top. Meant to write Inferno, not sure why I put Nemesis only! I did see some gum removal equipment being moved around elsewhere on park so maybe they're working on it? Fingers crossed.
  3. EpicSmatty

    Your Thorpe Park

    I agree with you on that one, I feel Merlin needs some sort of incentive to invest more in their parks but I'm not sure what would cause that. I personally don't feel like the other UK theme parks can compete with Merlin's offerings in the near future, maybe distant future if they had large investments, but they're just not on the same scale as say, Alton Towers is. The London Resort park would be a big competitor if it's ever actually built, but until then, who knows?
  4. Visited Thorpe twice lately, with TPM on Saturday and went again on this very rainy day, thought I'd post some thoughts from the two days and some observations for those who are intrested. Saturday Much busier than expected but helped by most rides having good operations (one or two rides less so but nothing horrendous) Music seemed a mixed bag, much clearer and louder in some places (bridge, upstairs Dome, Saw area (around the shop) and Colossus area) But some areas were far too quiet or had problems (Swarm and downstairs Dome too quiet, Nemesis cutting out) Coke Freestyle looked to be a very good addition, much better than previous refill cups, although it did have a few teething problems Had my personal best ever run-though of DBGT, only one or two very minor issues but overall a near perfect run-through Detail on DBGT: Nemesis New lights had gotten stuck on the white stage and did not change on dispatch Bose bass cannons in the ceiling were working (first time I've ever heard them, sounded great!) Station floor desperately needed to be cleaned of gum Rumba Rapids must have had some changes as half our boat got soaked! Tuesday Very quiet and rainy day, most queues on 5 mins Nemesis' lighting changes had been solved, changes to red on dispatch again, audio cut outs also appear to have been resolved No smoke to be seen anywhere on Colossus, either broken or turned off I'm guessing. Old music still playing too! DBGT: Got soaked on Rumba again New speakers on top of Detonator are a big improvement, can actually hear the countdown on the ride now Overall two great visits, would be nice to see some more TLC around the park and for the quiet audio to be sorted out in some areas. Really felt on Saturday that the park needed another major ride there, not sure if I've just been too many times though!
  5. EpicSmatty

    Your Thorpe Park

    Anyone who hopes for Merlin to go bankrupt (which isn't going to happen anytime in the distant future) seems to be missing the fact that whoever would buy up their assets would need to be a company of similar size or larger, and so would likely function in a similar way. It wouldn't suddenly mean that all the parks would see masses of investment, the new company would likely behave in a similar manner to Merlin. People also forget that Merlin's theme parks are not loss-makers, they may make less money than the mid-ways but are not losing money. I would speculate too that they are a strong reason for people to purchase MAPs.
  6. I'll be coming! Need to hear that original Vampire soundtrack and finally try out The Gruffalo.
  7. Can confirm, got wet. The rapids definitely seemed more intense than previous years.
  8. More details released on the Coke Freestyle machines: https://www.thorpepark.com/blog/2019-season-opening-part-one-coke-freestyle Prices are as follows for the cup and unlimited use of the machines all day: 1 vessel - £10 2 vessels - £18 3 vessels - £24 If you reuse the cup another day the price is reduced to £6 Personally I feel like it's quite pricey (although if the annual/season pass discount applies then it's a bit better). The discount of £4 for reusing the cup is very good though, most substantial discount I've seen for anything like this.
  9. So TheJackSilkstone got shown around Thorpe Park early and showed some of the changes happening at Thorpe Park: For those not wanting to watch the video, I noted the following: New projector in the Dome with some new signage (modernisation of the Dome happening in phases) New speakers on the entrance bridge Tidal Wave's exit bridge has been replaced, the other bridge for spectators has been removed Oasis branding replaced Dr Pepper at Tidal Wave Stealth's supports have been painted Sticky Sisters is being changed into a hot dog type restaurant I'm A Celeb branding has been removed, area will be covered up until opening of Jungle Escape Colossus has had the area around its supports filled in with concrete, some supports have been painted Bouncezilla is going in the area outside Crusts 'Old School' merch will be available for the 40th birthday with the old logo on GameFX will have a range of consoles with new games and a retro area, will also be a tournament as an 'introduction to e-sports' Coke Freestyle is being rolled out across the entire park with refillable drink quenchers available for them
  10. Incredibly disappointing, should have kept it as an option at least. I personally thought it was a brilliant and well executed experience, by far the best VR experience I've ever done. Now we have a ride with a theme that makes no sense.
  11. That picture is deceptive, the deal is actually only for hotel bookings, not for day tickets
  12. Season pass sale is on until the end of March, now £49 and a season digipass is included. Seems like great value to me!
  13. Makes me think of the MAP Holders Group, never seen so much entitlement in my life 🤦‍♂️
  14. I'm thinking 2 and 4 are the non-Thorpe ones, had a bit of a chuckle at number 4 😄
  15. It would appear that the single rider queue lines have reappeared on some rides (Smiler and Spinball Wizzer) The Smiler queue line has also had a repaint and clean too
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