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  1. That is a shame, I hadn't visited since early April so had no idea when it changed again. At least more of the speakers work now so you can actually hear it!
  2. Colossus now has the IMAscore music playing the in queue line again
  3. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had some vague memory of it being mentioned before but it must be so poorly advertised in the park that I had forgotten about it! The website also makes it seem like it isn't open yet. My mistake!
  4. Wafflemeister looks to be opening a venue in Wilderness Treats, a listing has appeared on their website and Google Maps: https://wafflemeister.com/locations/thorpe-park-resort/
  5. CGI of the new ride: Layout from aerial view: Some info I lifted from the planning application: 34m tall 875m long 200m x 400m area Will be located next to Velocity Currently painted yellow but will be re-spayed to silver & black Will be quieter than older rides at the park
  6. That wouldn't even cover the cost of one ride operator/host for the day when you factor in that 20% of the £55 is VAT
  7. My thoughts exactly, while Thorpe needs new support rides, this still looks like a fun experience and hasn't detracted from anything that was there already. It's an additional thing to do on a day out to Thorpe, and something that would cost near to £20 to do on it's own if it wasn't at Thorpe.
  8. So I'm considering coming to this meet but I've realised not owning a car makes it a bit difficult. Would I be able to get a lift with anyone to and from the park each day? (I'm happy to split fuel costs) On a less important note, would anyone be driving from London and be willing to give me a lift there and back? (Will split fuel costs again). No worries if anyone can't as I can always get the train to Derby.
  9. Scorpion Express is an unusual ride as the operator controls the speed of the train all the time rather than choosing a number of laps and so if they don't slow the ride down enough on re-entry to the station they have to send it round again!
  10. Should have said recently rather than this year! Seems to be a consistent theme that the effects only get fixed a few months into the season. Ah if only such a great company like Merlin would invite me to a press event, they take such great care of all their parks I could only wonder how amazing their press events are and how I could express how 'sick' they are to the world.
  11. Tomb Blaster has all of its effects working well this year, boulder is working, even the werewolf that was broken all of last year is fixed, and some lighting improvements have been made in the station. Audio on the other hand, not so good, still poor looping happening in some sections and the trommel had no audio at all. On the flip-side some areas are perfectly synced up and at a good volume.
  12. Was good to hear the audio improvements on Vampire the other day! Sounds much better both indoors and outdoors. It seems like there has been a bit of work on the station and the queue line too, with all the lights working inside, looks like they're all LED now so should hopefully last a while. Torches have new flickering lights in them, and tunnel has new light fixtures with the same bulbs too (which fit quite well). Outdoors a bit of old theming has returned, graves etc. Obviously all this is a far cry from what it once was but it's still an improvement! Finished it off with a rare overshoot of the breaks in the trims, so the front seats got a bit of a bashing!
  13. Thank you for the great day out everyone, was good to see everyone again, feels like I've known you all for ages even though this is only my 4th meet! Looking forward to the next one!
  14. Looks exactly as I expected, not really sure what anyone else was expecting 🤔
  15. https://blooloop.com/news/merlin-entertainments-senior-management-changes-fiona-eastwood/ Merlin is having a bit of a senior management change-up, noteable: "Fiona Eastwood will move from her role as Managing Director, Resort Theme Parks to become Managing Director of Midway." "Ian Crabbe, currently Divisional Director, Alton Towers Resort, will assume responsibility for Resort Theme Parks. With over 20 years’ experience at Merlin, Ian has recently overseen the management of both Alton Towers and Thorpe Park." A new role of Resort Development Director is being created too.
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