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  1. Except for the Disneyland's and Universal parks, every non-enthusiast person I've spoken to have never heard of any or the parks outside of the UK. Thorpe is a decent park for most people and makes for a good day out, which is what they are looking for.
  2. If the railway was still used I'm sure it would have had a rebrand to something 'Merlin' by now... World's first Walking Dead Ghost Train on a train!
  3. An update from the Drayton Manor case: the death was ruled an accident https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50375840
  4. Never thought this would get published, thanks for posting it! Wish it was still an option to use on the ride, thought they'd done a suburb job of it.
  5. There's a glitching effect at the end of the most recent video posted on Thorpe's Facebook page, followed by 'Initialising 2020'. Could it be a hint at the next thing to come? (probably not but who doesn't love a bit of speculation!?)
  6. Doesn't the trespass injunction make it a crime though? https://www.thorpepark.com/trespass-injunction
  7. But the staff told me it's happening next year! 🙄
  8. Thorpe's is also 10 mins between refills but I'm fairly sure the staff explain that when you purchase the cup. To really sue over something like that is crazy...
  9. Probably a lot cheaper (and reliable) to just buy a new one if they wanted to install it at Thorpe
  10. Did the building have a function before being used as Fright Night mazes?
  11. Jack Sickstone, 10/10 for all the mazes
  12. Looks like there's going to be some Fright Nights themed food at some of the outlets this year
  13. I will be attending (as long as I can get the day off work), hopefully Creek Freak Massacre will be a decent addition this year.
  14. It has actors on peak days, which improves it significantly. But on off-peak days it's just smoke and sound effects.
  15. The coach park is next to the hotels so you'll enter via the much quieter Lodge Gate entrance.
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