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  1. New for 2018

    I'm getting horrible visions of Thorpe attempting to re-brand all their rides to the Walking Dead
  2. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Cheers for posting that on here, would have never found it myself! Always incredibly intresting to hear from people in the industry.
  3. Park Music

    Agreed! Although it's not the first time they've removed a soundtrack quickly, 2013 X had an original dance track which only lasted one year (still want to get my hands on it, best music they ever had on that ride!)
  4. New for 2018

    I really don't understand how they're gonna incorporate the ride into this, a relatively small rollercoaster in a big empty room doesn't really match much in WD. This is what's partly lead me to think they might not be changing the ride, it could just be giving X a reason to have the theme that it does now. Prater in Vienna has a similar ride which has you take on the role of a secret agent before going into the ride which plays music and has lights etc. I'm not suggesting this is what it will be but it could be a similar concept to give context before the ride. Also WD in the plans could just mean Working Drawing/Design
  5. Thorpe Park's Old Days

    Looks like they actually knew the kind of theme they wanted then! Not just a random selection of themes all forced together
  6. Park Operations

    That would be great if they did that, I'd certainly make use of it. Fingers crossed something like this happens
  7. New for 2018

    You underestimate Merlin
  8. New for 2018

    Could someone move the Rock'n'Rollercoaster from Disneyland to somewhere in the UK? I'm gonna need my fix of music based dark rides next year and X ain't gonna give it to me anymore
  9. Merlin Entertainments

    And they told the shareholders it was down to the threat of terrorism and the weather
  10. New for 2018

    What's really odd is the pyramid outside isn't being painted or anything so they're not putting a huge amount of effort into this it seems.
  11. New for 2018

    First time I rode it the member of staff working at the entrance said they could only have a certain number of people inside due to h&s (most of the queue was outside at the time) so I'd imagine you're right.
  12. Merlin Entertainments

    Sorry forgot to do that! Here you go...
  13. Merlin Entertainments

    Article in The Times about Merlin today: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/merlin-needs-to-cast-a-new-spell-lmvfw76mn It's share price has fallen significantly lately and will not make it's profit target this year. They're putting this down to a lack of visitors due to weather and terrorism (mainly for city centre attractions). There was also news towards the end too in terms of how Merlin plans to invest in the future: "Meanwhile, Merlin is in the middle of an intense period of capital spending — up to £390m this year — and is sitting on a debt pile that totalled £1.2bn in June. Varney’s new tactic is to shift spending away from existing sites towards more lucrative hotel rooms and new theme parks that increasingly revolve around brands such as Peppa Pig."
  14. New for 2018

    Moving it to what is currently the back would make sense if Slammer is also being removed as it would work well with the new space. Although I wonder if less people would go on the ride as it would be a long distance from the entrance of the park.
  15. New for 2018

    I hope they don't get rid of the current music and lights theme on X, quite like it personally. I'd be surprised if they did considering they just did improvements to it and gave it a unique soundtrack.