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  1. It doesn't help that's it's not near any train stations, so getting there isn't easy if you don't have a car, or if you want to drink at an event (which I'd imagine most would).
  2. Do they generally pay any better at swimming pools/other locations? At least Merlin give you the free tickets and some other perks. Didn't even realise there were staff on Amity Beach before, just assumed it was unsupervised.
  3. Just to add clarification to that, the signing is only to prove that the staff member has done the necessary training to work on the ride, rather than keep track of where the documents are. If there's not enough copies or they go missing, they just print more.
  4. So this probably doesn't mean much but I noticed recently on Google Earth that land next to Swarm is clearly being worked on, with all the vegetation being cleared recently. May 2018: June 2019: (the yellow lines indicate where a likely link would be with the current theme park) This could be for a future development or it could just be nothing, the land might just need maintaining.
  5. He was joking. Also the health and safety manual contains no secretive information, simply how to operate the ride. They're not signed out/in, and they don't give you the magic ability to operate the ride, you still need the key.
  6. From my experience while working with the seat belts on Vampire, they are used to indicate if a larger guest can get the restraint on properly, if it won't clip in, they can't go on. But the seatbelts remain a purely cosmetic thing, the ride will function fine without them. For someone's restraint to come undone the locking system would have to have completely eroded and broken inside, and the seatbelt probably wouldn't save you anyway. The policy now is that you can send an empty train with no seatbelts done or all of them done, (although we pretty much always did them up since they swing around and damage the train if undone). All belts must be done up if guests are on the train.
  7. Merlin do love to spoil us!
  8. Are you trying to tell me the I'm a Celeb maze wasn't a world class attraction bringing in people form all over Europe? 😮
  9. I'm not saying it ok or right, I'm just saying that's why it happens
  10. The staff are paid minimum wage to do a job which is quite tiring. The reason they don't do anything about the phones is simply that they don't care, it's not worth their effort to deal with, especially with the reaction the customer will give, which just then delays the dispatch.
  11. In case anyone on the forum who hasn't been to a meet before is considering coming to this one and is a bit nervous, I was in exactly your position last year, the 2018 Christmas meet was my first ever TPM meet, and I don't regret it for a second. Within minutes I felt a part of the group and had a wonderful day! So much so I've been to plenty of meets since then! If you're considering coming, just go for it!
  12. Except for the Disneyland's and Universal parks, every non-enthusiast person I've spoken to have never heard of any or the parks outside of the UK. Thorpe is a decent park for most people and makes for a good day out, which is what they are looking for.
  13. If the railway was still used I'm sure it would have had a rebrand to something 'Merlin' by now... World's first Walking Dead Ghost Train on a train!
  14. An update from the Drayton Manor case: the death was ruled an accident https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50375840
  15. Never thought this would get published, thanks for posting it! Wish it was still an option to use on the ride, thought they'd done a suburb job of it.
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