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  1. Don't forget Bouncezilla, the loudest place in the entire park!
  2. From Colossus you can see that the loggers queue line roof has been redone, looks like quite a long term fix. Lots of the queue line fencing has been taken out too, I assume from inside as the outside fencing is still there.
  3. While I hope that is the case with the paint it did also look like it could be for the staff in terms of loading the boats. There was a single yellow strip also to the left of the red paint. Good to see the speakers being replaced though.
  5. Both the season pass and annual pass work for this deal, your friends must book in advance to use the deal (scroll down on this page): https://www.thorpepark.com/tickets-passes/season-pass The deal can't be used on Saturdays or any special event days.
  6. It wouldn't be Fright Nights without a chainsaw man chasing you out of at least one of the mazes!
  7. Is it just me or does the centre of the eye look like it has a camera lens in it?
  8. It is still the case, the RAP pass acts as a virtual queue pass and requires the pass to be marked with a time for next use (current time + queue time). Quite often however the passes are just getting ticked and no time put in by the staff, which means they won't have to wait afterwards at all, which leads to longer RAP queues. To shed a bit of light on this as someone who worked at Chessington and often needed to sign the RAP passes (I always put a time), I can understand why staff wouldn't do it. For example on The Vampire, the RAP queue is managed by the 'offload' member of staff, they already have several other jobs to do (bar checks, bags, etc) and by the time they get to checking the RAP queue there is often only a few seconds to do so. Without checking with the ride operator, they do not know what the current queue time is so it is often a guess, additionally some (by no means all) of the RAP users will be abusive if the next time marked down is long time away with remarks such as "what is my child expected to do for an hour?" or being called a jobsworth or similar (same goes for over 3 people accompanying the passholder, although this is not that common) so it is understandable why passes are not checked properly.
  9. That is a shame, I hadn't visited since early April so had no idea when it changed again. At least more of the speakers work now so you can actually hear it!
  10. Colossus now has the IMAscore music playing the in queue line again
  11. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had some vague memory of it being mentioned before but it must be so poorly advertised in the park that I had forgotten about it! The website also makes it seem like it isn't open yet. My mistake!
  12. Wafflemeister looks to be opening a venue in Wilderness Treats, a listing has appeared on their website and Google Maps: https://wafflemeister.com/locations/thorpe-park-resort/
  13. CGI of the new ride: Layout from aerial view: Some info I lifted from the planning application: 34m tall 875m long 200m x 400m area Will be located next to Velocity Currently painted yellow but will be re-spayed to silver & black Will be quieter than older rides at the park
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