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  1. Did a bit more digging from Google Streetview, the works done to Amity Beach are several years old since the slides in the photos aren't there anymore. I'd imagine the other ones are fairly old too. Probably just some repairs on the Nemesis building I'd imagine
  2. So getting back on topic... PJW Contracts LTD has been doing some work for Thorpe Park (noticed their van parked outside Nemesis Inferno in a recent YouTube video). Their website lists a few things they've done at the park, but most of them look to be fairly old photos: https://www.pjwcontractsltd.com/services.php?page=merlin-entertainments.php. Could be something very unexciting considering they do corrosion repair and similar jobs.
  3. Probably because nothing is happening!
  4. The food at that place tasted great, didn't seem to last long though. Wasn't even replaced with anything else.
  5. My experience with the Disneyland apps is fairly poor. It's slow and crashes frequently, I just ended up using queue-times.com while I was there. And the fastpass system wasn't done through the app. Surely it would just be integrated into the current Thorpe Park app? The app they have now is fairly good and functional. Having ANPR would surely speed up the exiting process at the barriers but might mean longer queues at ticket machines. In the car parks I've seen it used I've never seen a problem occur.
  6. Well this was a letdown:
  7. What was it originally out of curiosity?
  8. My assumption would be that the support beams holding the ride in place had cracks in which weren't repairable. When I worked at Chessington in 2018 it was a problem, hence the repaint to be grey (makes the cracks easier to see), but the ride didn't need to be closed yet.
  9. Looks like Containment, Creek Freak, Platform 15, and Screamplexx Cinema at least from what is listed on their website (I imagine others existed too but have since been removed)
  10. A few photos of the refurbished flume pieces from the company doing the overhaul in case anyone is interested (doesn't show much): https://www.garmendale.co.uk/blog/log-flume-refurbishment/
  11. Could you explain this for the uninitiated? Never knew it was planned for use elsewhere.
  12. It doesn't help that's it's not near any train stations, so getting there isn't easy if you don't have a car, or if you want to drink at an event (which I'd imagine most would).
  13. Do they generally pay any better at swimming pools/other locations? At least Merlin give you the free tickets and some other perks. Didn't even realise there were staff on Amity Beach before, just assumed it was unsupervised.
  14. Just to add clarification to that, the signing is only to prove that the staff member has done the necessary training to work on the ride, rather than keep track of where the documents are. If there's not enough copies or they go missing, they just print more.
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