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  1. WWTPRadio

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I simply love a retrospective redesign.
  2. WWTPRadio

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    - Fan boys ‘designing’ audio for Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights and then watching the forums for comments and getting all defensive because nobody really understands the complete lack of artistic or creative design. “Woo cameos from the theme park community - intense!” - Flashing, multicoloured LED park wide lighting with no design or thought whatsoever - Significant lack of maze design, coherent theme and complete lack of quality - No Big Top - A non-show in the Dome where actors chase guests to some music because the competency to build the maze was no longer available - Another laughable, confused, messy marketing “campaign” - Black walled mazes (oh, they almost left Fright Nights) - Vulcan Peak Goodbye Fright Nights.
  3. WWTPRadio

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I’ve had some discussions with Amanda about the park wide audio as frankly it’s a bit of a disgrace. Sadly it’s not a priority, despite it being a pet peeve of hers.
  4. WWTPRadio

    Park Music

    Rumba wasn’t IMAScore
  5. WWTPRadio

    Park Music

    Don’t blame IMAScore for any lack of creativity on a score. Think about what sort of brief they might have received ...
  6. WWTPRadio

    Park Music

    You will never know the frustration and the ridiculousness of the true story of audio at Thorpe Park. The whole sorry mess, from a long forgotten relationship with a once industry leader in site wide audio systems; to the only governance over what music actually plays across the park being down to whoever shouts the loudest at any given time is just the tip of the iceberg. Fundementally, all there really is to say is that Merlin are not and will never be a production company and as a result have very little industry competency when it comes to professional audio, video and lighting; theatrical technical systems which make such a stark contrast between them and theme park industry leaders, or audio/music that augments and is designed for the experience rather than a complete and underbudgeted after thought. You’ve all enjoyed music in the past that Thorpe Park / Merlin never really had the legal right to play to a mass audience in a commercial environment. You’ve all heard tracks that you can’t find anywhere other than Mania’s old audio libraries or YouTube because they were created in someone’s bedroom. Colossus and Nemesis Inferno? If only you knew. Be grateful for what you have. One day, creative audio will once again be a priority at Thorpe Park and seen as a contributing factor to excellence in guest experience. Until then, literally it is luck of the draw on any given visit. Let’s hope Nick has specified the sample rate of his compositions so that they play at the correct pitch across the island.
  7. I just laughed for about 12 minutes
  8. They won’t - under one of those leaves is Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride: Extreme which is new and unique for this year.
  9. Wow. That Vulcan Peak is going to be an AUDIO JUNGLE this year...
  10. Oh, out of sheer embarrassment?
  11. It would be really terrific is somebody could just make their mind up about what on earth they are doing. The erraticness of the delivery this year, from changing times to spelling errors to managing to copy Universal Studio’s marketing campaign is just painful. I have no doubt that the additional six days until announcement gives them six more days to determine what they can realistically deliver. It baffles me that every other resort or attraction across the globe have the confidence, knowledge and marketing strategies to announce their line ups with months until the event to allow for significant pre-book numbers and upsell opportunities. Once again, Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights screams last minute and rushed.
  12. Easy! It’s called alienation. Or, alieatio
  13. It’s ok GetEchoes, just take 5 and put two and two together. You should work it out. or you might Figaro it out....
  14. Maybe it’s a hidden meaning and ‘N the Maze’ is coming. Aoucement comig soo ?
  15. Should that be embarrassig ProudToServe? ?