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  1. Sometimes amps - sometimes local residents - sometimes a combination!
  2. Aha yes there’s an audio player behind an ice cream rack which I’m sure nobody knows how to access anymore so the IMAScore reload was never moved in there!
  3. Well it’s not hard to realise this spells Big Top, which isn’t coming back.
  4. Don’t worry buddy, Platform has a good few years of life left in it, we made sure of that. It also basically exists year round so quite easy to open up. Big Top - they cannae build it. They wannae, but they cannae. IMAScore are livid. It’s the best composition they ever made.
  5. You’re so negative. It might? Jeez.
  6. BigTopDan... it ain’t coming back.
  7. It’s humbling and a genuine pleasure to see the love for Big Top - but believe me, there is no announcement coming, no surprise return. And trust me - the park know just how much of a following the maze has and how much everybody wants to see it return. They just can’t deliver it anymore.
  8. Ahhh the million dollar question
  9. Yea as a general rule of thumb they are as elusive as possible, up until the day before the FN announcements the response will be ‘oooh we couldn’t possibly tell you!’ Because let’s be honest, until that point, anything goes. There’ll be an inflatable restaurant in there this year, that’s my guess.
  10. I’m also so totally excited for Big Top‘s triumphant return. But, I’m afraid, it’s gone. RIP #theydontbuildemliketheyusedto
  11. The answer is delay. Next question?
  12. That one was good, wasn’t it ?
  13. Nothing - it was perfect.
  14. And so continues the lack of directive from either the park or its parent company over what should be the warm goodbye at the end of your visit and enticing you to come back. Basically, whoever has the reigns over the system and the files available has the deciding vote. Tragic!
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