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  1. Park Music

    Glad you like the booklet. The main theme (which went through quite a lot of change and scrutiny) will always be subjective up against ITHOTMK - an instantly recognisable peice of music. What’s nice, however, is that ITHOTMK is not and will never be solely Alton Towers’ theme music. It’s a peice of historical, classical music which will forever feature in film and television. The new Thorpe Park theme however, is only that. It doesn’t exist elsewhere and now dominates the park audio as a short phrase that sticks in your head and stays with you, and can be tailored to the different styles of the park. I’ve always felt you should be able to sing the name of the brand or product to its theme tune. So now when you listen to the theme, sing ‘let’s go to Thorpe Park’ in the second and fourth set of 4 bars! It works! Now try and fit Alton Towers into ITHOTMK! 😂
  2. Park Music

    I’m so glad you love the track so much. And - Madame Mephisto does actually sync with the rest of the audio
  3. Fright Nights 2017

    Those monster stickers were essential to the plot and very carefully chosen.
  4. Park Music

    Make that three
  5. Park Music

    Anyone arriving at the park before opening for the past few weeks would have enjoyed the new countdown video with this audio which takes you up until the gates open
  6. Fright Nights 2017

    Na, you wouldn’t.
  7. Park Music

    Nice try - you’re used to the tracks playing at high speed so normal speed may now sound a bit slower to you!
  8. Lumber Jump

    Oh Steven.
  9. Park Music

  10. Fright Nights 2017

    Oh Steven! Don't worry, he's just pretending to know everything.
  11. Park Music

    Yes Steven!
  12. That's more like it eh?
  13. Park Music

    Good work Wumbamillio. I had almost convinced myself it was composed by Steven Vig.
  14. Park Music

    It was neither folks, that's why neither are credited for it.
  15. Park Music

    Oh Steven.