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  1. Yea but he still HAS the 3G, so that’s big news.
  2. If you need wood, ain’t no place better than Big Top.
  3. Documentary coming soon. Its gone because those responsible for its conception and build are gone. Unfortunately there are many reasons for arguably the best park in the UK to be in the state it is now, and a lot of it is down to retention of talent and management of events such as Fright Nights.
  4. Ah Josh, the Top has been Bigged. Platform has been 15’d and we did what we did and were very proud of it. They’ll be fine...
  5. Perhaps the crystal ball shall reveal a date and time?
  6. There you go kids - Big Top’s back. oh wait, no it’s not
  7. Oh yes - that’s the highlight of the thread.
  8. I’ll take you out to dinner and buy you a pony.
  9. Oh heck. Please be careful this year.
  10. Good game of hangman though, we were all on the edge of our seats
  11. Sometimes amps - sometimes local residents - sometimes a combination!
  12. Aha yes there’s an audio player behind an ice cream rack which I’m sure nobody knows how to access anymore so the IMAScore reload was never moved in there!
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