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  1. Personal Prediction for this year: Big Top will make a return, very bad choice removing it last year so I think they have learned there lesson. SAW Alive is 100% gone and likely won't be replaced, probably just sit abandoned (now sinking) as Thorpe have a habit of abandoning attractions ? Dead Creek Woods is gone and will be replaced with a extended Blair Witch maze/walk. Platform 15 will very likely return, even though personally I think it's time to replace it with something new in the same location. Living Nightmare obviously returning, no questions asked.
  2. Same for me! I usually only ever go to the park 2 times a year, one of those being for FN. 4 times in total for me this year is a first and pretty much a miracle! ?
  3. I may come along as am planning to visit Fright Nights for Passholder preview then the following 2 weekends before Scare Season begins for me anyway so might aswell pop along when there is a meetup! Will be my first time so be nervous but seems I won't be the only one
  4. I always look forward to Fright Nights every year and love the event however this year with all the rumours and by the looks of the direction the event is heading in I feel no hype what so ever. If The Big Top does not return (please god no) then Thorpe have a really made a bad mistake. In my honest opinion who's smart idea was it to remove a fantastic themed indoor maze which was one of the best last year and replace it with a old returning outdoor walk through when there is already one of those (Platform 15) plus Sanctum. It just makes no sense, it's not even a new attraction it's a 'returni
  5. Going Solo for eXpo at Thorpe tomorrow night, anybody want to meet there drop me a message :)

  6. I recently emailed Thorpe VIP regarding Face It Alone and The Backstage Tours, Really disappointed that Face It Alone is now confirmed to not be returning for the foreseeable future It was a great 4 years while it lasted filled with lots of memories and I am happy to say I was part of it! Regarding Backstage Tours they will be up on sale on the website soon!
  7. Jigsaw's Victims from last Sunday's (9th Oct) Face It Alone! (Me In the back with tape round my mouth)
  8. Spinning tunnel hasn't been active for few years now, I remember they mentioned about 2 years back in a backstage tour that the reason it is out is because it was using to much power and kept cutting everything else in the maze out. It is basically too much money to remove it from the building so now it just sits there broken which sucks.
  9. I just replied to your message about last years experience
  10. Face It Alone in Saw last year was just a whole another level like it was just extreme and lasted for what seemed to be forever, Its a shame this year it was tonned down but also there was less actors and the experience was alot shorter. It was still good though but not the best...I secretly wanted Platform 15 or Big Top as done Cabin in 2014
  11. Rode for the first time yesterday and I was sightly disappointed. At times I wasn't even sure if my headset was working but it was just part of the ride, the evacuation scene was done really well as actors made it seem like we were actually being evacuated but that weird tunnel scene made no sense as no one (Including me) really understand what the hell was happening and was just running around. The 2nd part seemed pretty blank to be honest with no much happening, the only thing that got me was how the train actually moved location making me think how the hell they do that. For me though all t
  12. Went for Fright Nights yesterday, only managed to do one run through of all the mazes (excluding Platform 15 in the evening) this was mainly down to long waiting times and attractions breaking down. Did a backstage tour of Platform 15 & Big Top and it is amazing to see how much they changed it this year theming and actors wise, best maze of the year for me considering I fell to the floor after being tickled by a clown. Did Saw Alive for Face It Alone it was very messy but not as extreme as last year (where I also did Saw) as staff said they had to tone it down due to complaints or somethin
  13. Got to see the shop for the first in person yesterday and it looks amazing! Really am impressed with the amount of themeing put into it and the atmosphere it gives, all my mates said how good it looks and how well themed it is so hats off to Merlin on that! Just a shame it was delayed opening.
  14. Ben Mower


    X was absolutely terrible yesterday :/ Went on for the first go around 11ish and the music in the queue was pretty quiet and not that loud but when the ride actually begun it was even worst! You literally couldn't hear anything it sound like the volume was on 1 :/ Very disappointing and made me look like a mug in front my mates as I said how much of a good ride it is with the music. I thought maybe cause its early that why it might be quiet but well I was wrong! Went in again around 3 and the queue music was abit louder not by much and the music in the ride itself was turned up by like 2 perce
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