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  1. Universal have announced their first new haunted house for this years HHN.
  2. Walibi are going wild with new projects!
  3. As much as I don't like the sheds, the advert is actually pretty good. Way better than what Thorpe have managed this year.
  4. Opening a new park and a rebuild of a whole area is a ”quiet" year. 😄
  5. The corridors have always seemed to be a h&s problem. Nice to see pole head in the roof at the exit. 😂
  6. The parks have multiple power suppliers, I guess to spread the load on the grid. The whole park isn't affected during a power cut. Making theme parks off the grid is not a viable idea and is of little benefit.
  7. We really enjoyed going on Valhalla quite a few times this weekend. Such an epic water ride. Waterproof trouser covers and boots make it so much more enjoyable during the day with hardly any queues.
  8. In regards to the 2019 TV ad, IMAScore made Thorpe a brilliant, brand recognisable theme tune in my opinion that is fully owned by them unlike Alton Towers and they don't even use it in the advert. wtf are they doing? 🤦‍♂️
  9. Shame the zombie in the roof at the end only has a pole for a head now.
  10. What's changed? Have they finally been told to stop being rude and sarcastic to guests?
  11. I'm seeing more evidence to suggest Saw Alive won't be returning this year.
  12. Loved clearing the tables in pizza pasta (looking at a table wiper ignoring us like: #notmyjob) and not having any Coke Zero and the watered down BBQ pizza. Fully worth the price increase.
  13. Rumba Rapids paintwork is already flaking and peeling off. This is what you get for using cheap paint, it looks even worse and everything will have to be redone!
  14. If they announce a new Mack Spinning coaster, I may have to visit.
  15. DBGT is still living up to it's terrible reputation I see from the complaints.
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