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  1. I found something in "Winter At Thorpe Park Park Six" video.Where is the Burger King ? Slammer gone,Loggers Leap gone,I'm Celep gone,Burger King gone and all in the same area ??
  2. Hello,I just spotted this in Thorpe Park's video.I Think maybe its a location of new attraction ?
  3. I Searched "Deadwood Creek" in google and find this picture.It's look like Loggers Leap
  4. They are still hiding this ones.Looks like biohazard logo.
  5. Thorpe Parks last facebook post says "This weekend is your last opportunity to experience Love Island Lates" so Big Top can be build after Love Island.Maybe there is still hope?
  6. Vialand is Turkey's best theme park and Located in Istanbul,Turkey.After little refurbish Vialand renamed to "İsfanbul Theme Park". (My personal idea is Vialand should make something new because they have only one coaster and they haven't done anything new since 2012..) Here is some attractions: Nefeskesen: 110 km/h in 3 seconds. Viking: 49 Feet super-soaking splash experience. Adalet Kulesi: 164 Feet Drop Tower Çılgın Nehir: 700 Meters long water ride And Vialand Has 23 more attractions. If You want to visit http://isfanbul.com/
  7. Thorpe doesn't need outdoor maze because they have already two outdoor maze (Sanctum,Platform 15).Maybe we are wrong and Blair Witch doesn't return.
  8. Please no.(Screenshots From JackSilkStone's Construction vlog.) .
  9. I will come from Turkey for Fright Nights.I Hope It will worth... (Last year was amazing)
  10. I hope new maze isn't third walking dead maze.
  11. Hello, Does Island Unlimited Fasttrack Includes The Walking Dead The Ride?
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