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  1. British Dark Rides Project

    It's a book on themed attraction design and the UK theme park industry from the 70s to 2000, been in the works for a year so far and another year to go, but will be all new in depth content with new interviews and a lot of archive material dug up for it, which we are working to include. Will do more explanation about it nearer the time with a promo video.
  2. British Dark Rides Project

    Just put online yesterday a new Haunted House documentary, completely re-done and extended from our original version from 2 years back. Now with new interviews and lots of very rare footage that took quite some tracking down! I post on here because it features a few brief moments of Phantom Fantasia at Thorpe Park which you might find interesting too, although there will be a full feature on Phantom, Magic Mill and the beginnings of Thorpe Park in the upcoming British Theme Park Archive book.
  3. Alton Towers General Discussion

    https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CYDZLYN Hi all, I am completing a survey about Duel at Alton Towers, it would be extremely useful if you could complete it! The survey is entirely unofficial and the results won't be made public, but it all for a good purpose. No personal details are collected. Thank you!
  4. British Dark Rides Project

    Hi everyone, Just to let you know if you havnt seen already, I recently updated 3 of the Dark Rides documentaries with more rare footage of the attractions being built and completed, with improvements throughout. A completely re-edited Haunted House episode is on its way for later this year too. If you've seen them last year, I recommend watching them again now they're updated, as they are much improved with new content too. Part 1 - The 5th Dimension Part 2 - Prof Burp's BubbleWorks Part 4 - Terror Tomb We also post a lot of bonus content and rare on ride videos on the YouTube channel here.