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  1. Nosferatu


    I actually enjoy Colossus, but only if I'm seated in the front end of the train. The back end, however, is absolutely brutal and not enjoyable at all. I find the vertical loop and cobra roll very uncomfortable no matter the seating though.
  2. Nosferatu

    Is Nemesis the best Invert?

    I've always preferred inferno to the original nemesis, mainly because of the big drop at the beginning. In my eyes, all rollercoasters need a good sized drop somewhere in them.
  3. Nosferatu


    The music in the station sounds so much better now. I'm so glad the original track has finally been restored. That track is a Gothic masterpiece, the other one sounds awful in comparison.
  4. Nosferatu


    Yes, just like a certain park this forum happens to be named after. 😉
  5. Nosferatu

    Nemesis Inferno

    I had no idea those geyser effects even existed. They must have not been working for quite a while. Then again, I don't really visit Thorpe park that often to really notice missing effects.
  6. Nosferatu


    This ride used to be such a spectacle. It's sad that the kids of today can't experience its greatness. Can you imagine a beloved disneyland ride ending up in this state? No you can't, because disney would never let that happen. Is it wrong to want a disney-style guest experience from UK theme parks?
  7. Nosferatu


    Have any of you guys seen this? It really shows what the vampire station used to look like before it was massively butchered. This is how I remember it from my childhood.
  8. Nosferatu


    https://soundcloud.com/themeparkarchive/the-vampire-1990-audio-mix This is the original mix that played from 1990 to 2013. Unfortunately, the poor sound quality spoils the track. If somebody has a good quality version I wish they would put it online.
  9. Nosferatu


    Wait, the original soundtrack is being restored? How is that possible? I though the original track was lost forever when they changed the sound system in 2014. Has somebody found a another high quality version of the original mix?
  10. Nosferatu


    https://soundcloud.com/themeparkarchive/the-vampire-1990-audio-mix Have any of you guys seen this yet? I apologize if this has been posted before.
  11. Nosferatu


    I don't remember that piece of theming at all. It definitely looks like it was meant to go in the exit corridor somewhere. The skeleton looks really silly and out of place so maybe it was just scrapped.
  12. Nosferatu

    General Discussion

    The Vampire has always been a lame roller coaster, even with the old trains. Its amazing station and soundtrack is the only thing it ever had going for it. This is why some people are so mad about the severe butchering of the station. Its atmosphere was unmatched in the 90's.
  13. The planning restrictions will end up killing Chessington in the end. Any theme park that can't even build new rides is pretty much screwed. I'll be surprised if the place is still running in 10 years time.
  14. The vampire entrance will get painted, and then torn down afterwards for being deemed 'too unsafe' by H&S.
  15. I think we all knew that this wouldn't turn out to be anything significant. Chessington getting any decent rides would be a miracle at this point.