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  1. We finally have footage of the Black Forest Chateau organist. He pretty much looks like a human version of the one in the Vampire's station.
  2. I just saw the stargazing pods for the first time and I couldn't help but laugh. How are they stargazing pods when the ceiling is completely solid with no glass? You're paying to stay in a utility shed with no toilet. Why do they keep wasting money on this pointless accommodation instead on spending it on the park?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering, is the full 1990 track going to put on SoundCloud at some point? I remember something being said about updating it a few months ago. If I'm honest, finding the the true station soundtrack is the only reason I joined this forum 6 years ago.
  4. Well the backing track is the one that was on SoundCloud right? That track was extremely bassy, especially with the drums and guitar during the rock part. That bass is completely absent from the station, and I don't think it's just a dodgy sound system either.
  5. The organ track is being played on its own without the backing track, so you;re only getting half of the sound. Plus the backing track is the one that has all the bass, so the music sounds tinny. It also sounds like the speakers on the organ stage are only ones working.
  6. Nosferatu


    I don't see the point of having a themed facade if you're just going to have the ride building behind so blatantly on show. At least Phantom Manor tries to hide the ugly ride building with a hill and trees.
  7. So Merlin thinks they're above Universal do they? *Looks at Island of Adventure* LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Not even close, at all.
  8. I think a hyper coaster would be perfect for Thorpe Park. It would really give the park an iconic coaster like Nemesis is for Alton Towers. The problem is though, would the local planning authority allow it?
  9. Can that entrance be any smaller.....? Also why is it in Cloud Cuckoo Land?
  10. What is with this infestation of IPs at Merlin parks? Are original attractions a thing of the past now?
  11. I actually enjoy Colossus, but only if I'm seated in the front end of the train. The back end, however, is absolutely brutal and not enjoyable at all. I find the vertical loop and cobra roll very uncomfortable no matter the seating though.
  12. I've always preferred inferno to the original nemesis, mainly because of the big drop at the beginning. In my eyes, all rollercoasters need a good sized drop somewhere in them.
  13. The music in the station sounds so much better now. I'm so glad the original track has finally been restored. That track is a Gothic masterpiece, the other one sounds awful in comparison.
  14. Yes, just like a certain park this forum happens to be named after. ?
  15. I had no idea those geyser effects even existed. They must have not been working for quite a while. Then again, I don't really visit Thorpe park that often to really notice missing effects.
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