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  1. Thank you all for such a great first meet! Look forward to the next one, who knows, might have to go back to FN before the end of the season so I can do more than one maze
  2. One of the 50 photos I just have of Icon
  3. Should be able to be there, look forward to it
  4. Merlin actually buying a flat! 😱 The writing has been on the wall for a fair while with Ramses so glad to see it’s actually being replaced unlike Ripsaw. Meanwhile Jumbos, is that the third spot for this ride now?
  5. Oh good lord anything but a travellers Sunday
  6. 13th is doable, work every Saturday and getting to Thorpe would be nightmarish after work on a Sat
  7. I know this hasn't been used in donkeys but hello everyone! I've been a reader of TPM for years but only just made an account as I wanted to get involved with the community a bit more. Aiming to be at the Fright Nights meet but thats very dependent on work.
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