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  1. It probably won't happen anytime soon as we are now just seeing construction of Project Exodus, but maybe new for 2030.
  2. I personally don't think that The Walking Dead will be moving out from Thorpe any time soon. But when it inevitably does, I think Merlin will remove the whole ride too, leaving us with either a large warehouse space to work with for possibly an inside dark ride, or knocking it down for space to build another flattie or even a bigger project, because there is the space to do something there, even if it causes the removal of slammer and BML.
  3. Hi, Unfortunately, the bounce back discount was discontinued a while back, but merlin have pushed the 2 for 1 promotion from certain food and drink items. This might be good if you are going with someone else. Hope this is somewhat helpful, Endsop
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    Hi, I'm assuming you have already visited the park by this point, but I'm in a similar situation, but still can enjoy most the rides. With Colossus aim to get on an odd numbered row as this may be slightly more comfortable. Hopefully you still enjoyed your trip Endsop
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    Booking slots

    Hi, You can book time slots for Darren Brown either on the app or by scanning the QR code by the ride entrance. Usually, tickets are still around until about 2pm, but some slots right towards the end of the day stay available until around 4pm. If the queue time is low, and the staff member is feeling generous, they may just let you in, but do not rely on this. If you don't have access to a mobile device on the day of your visit, you can visit the Fastrack centre and book a time slot in there. Hope this is somewhat helpful, Endsop
  6. So, you've never ridden a coaster before, and you find yourself at Thorpe Park Resort in the heart of England. The thought of fast speeds, steep drops and loops scare you? Well, here's a list of all the coasters at Thorpe that are good to start off with. First up, we have the cult classic, The Flying Fish. It's a mini steel coaster that goes a whopping 16 mph. It is the calmest coaster at Thorpe but an og classic, getting around a 35-minute queue most weekends, occasionally going up to an hour. After you've conquered the mighty flying fish, you are ready to move onto bigger attractions. I am excluding walking dead the ride, because it is more of an experience than a coaster... Nemesis inferno is a pretty tame coaster to start off with, sitting in the middle seats of the train will create a more tolerable experience it you've never ridden it before. Yes, it does have loops and other inversions, all of these are quite smooth and comfortable. Saw is another ride which is a fairly short ride but has features that make the ride more intense both in the queue line and on the ride. Swarm is a wing coaster based off an apocalyptic world. The ride itself is extremely smooth and comfortable, but is very adrenaline fueled, with quick inversions with no time in-between. You should ride this after you've ridden some other coasters across the park. Finally, we have stealth. it kicks off with a hydraulic launch, flinging you to speeds of 130km/h, then straight into a top hat and back down again for a final airtime hill. This ride isn't for those who haven't ridden a coaster before. That's my list based off my personal opinion of each ride, let me know what you would of said
  7. My Fright Night Review 2022 I went to Thorpe Park over a 3-day period to fully experience Fright Nights, I purchased the Fearsome Four package, but have a Merlin Platinum Pass so do not have to pay for admission. Day 1: Saturday 22nd October. The park was fully sold out and only available for pre-bookers this day, and you could see it throughout the park. We arrived at the park for around midday and stayed all the way through till 9. Fortunately, I was with a friend who held a RAP, allowing us to skip most the 2–3 hour queues. We got on all the major roller coasters except from Colossus. In the dark we did: Stealth, Tidal Wave and Swarm. We also saw the Graduation Sucks! show and experienced Deaths Doors. Day 2: Sunday 23rd October. For the remaining 2 days, I didn't have access to a RAP. Luckily the queues were not too bad, but the weather was the opposite. We ended up leaving the resort at about 3pm when all the rides closed due to thunder and lightning. We still managed to get on a few of the biggies and TWD. Day 3: Monday 24th October. On Monday we focused on doing the Fright Nights attractions, getting there for park opening and staying all the way through till 9pm. First, we did Trailers at about 3:30, it was a good maze, similar to last year's Trailers, but with a few more actors inside. We went on to do Creek Freak next, it is very similar to last year's maze, but with the adaption of the new Project Exodus into the script, and as usual I loved the chainsaw run at the end. We went on to do the new scare experience, The Terminal. This was a fully immersive experience, with noise cancelling headphones playing surround sound audio in pitch black, I think they could of slightly improved it by adding more live actors or effects. Finally, at around 6:30pm, we did Survival Games. The new extremely intensive scare maze did not disappoint, with live actors grabbing you and running at you, this was by far my favourite. After we had done all the paid mazes, we went on to go through some of the scare zones. The Crows of Mawkin Meadow was probably one of the better scare zones featuring a few live actors and lots of scares. Altogether my visit was extremely enjoyable and worth the journey up.
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