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Croc Drop

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I hate to sound negative, the park are at least going further than their usual standard for flat rides, but I think it looks potentially awful. A giant, beige blocky croc head awkwadly sticking out of a temple, a  hamfisted idea of "crocodile themed" like something an enthusiast would make.

Even the colouring and carved details look really flat so far, I just hope this isn't the finished look.

You can never tell until something's finished, so let's hope it looks great in the end. But the whole concept is a bit weird.
What will it actually add to the area and the ride experience?  Instead of all the money on one big ugly block, why not spread it on more scenery and the temple? It could look brilliant.

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49 minutes ago, insider9150 said:

I think it looks great!! so for, this isnt the finish product, remember this isnt opening until next year and there is still lots to do. Dont criticis until the ride is completely finish.

This is very true of course and I hope my worry to be proven wrong with the finished thing!

Although best thing since Transylvania might be a push,  Forbidden Kingdom with Terror Tomb and Rameses when new was brilliant. Beanoland new was also a really fun kids area even though it was small. Can't imagine how this giant croc head will suit the area as good as Rameses did when it was new but I hope it turns out well anyway.

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I think on the whole the new piece of theming mostly looks great from what we’ve seen so far and is probably one of the better examples we’ve seen since Wild Asia at least.


However writing more on this, I can understand some of the points of it looking flat which seems the case from certain angles. Also, the existing area may need some work too as it’s looking remarkably worn in several sections.

The “time will tell” factor is something else to consider, because whilst something might look great to begin with, it could already start to look rundown and dilapidated after just 2/3 seasons without proper care and/or construction. Something which has happened too often with previous projects.


Lets hope the park can show us they can pull off a substantial flat ride investment and make it work, because at the end of the day it’s still under construction. 

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It very much feels like Chessington prioritse one feature of theming to look good in marketing material as opposed to a well-rounded product.


Tiger Rock for example, apart from the rockwork tiger head, the rest of the ride's theming is now very tired, disjointed and doesn't really flow very well at all.  The main tiger head also looks very tired now, it almost feels like as soon as the marketing photos have been taken, they don't really care how things look.


It's probably true of Merlin as a whole but it feels really obvious at Chessington.  Wicker Man for example focuses on the big theming structure, but there is at least some depth to the theme and it feels like an overall package rather than "just" the centrepiece.


Of course, this isn't done yet, but it's more just an observation of Chessington/Merlin.

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