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  1. I think it looks great!! so for, this isnt the finish product, remember this isnt opening until next year and there is still lots to do. Dont criticis until the ride is completely finish. This is probably the best investment chessington has done since the original Vampire/Bubbleworks/ Transylvania years
  2. To be honest, I rode it today and the music was all out of sync with the ride, and I didn't really get it still. Don't get me wrong, it was far better than the original version, but there was something missing. They shouldn't have open the ride unless everything was working correctly, instead of rushing things. I rode the vampire and was blown away by what chessington has done in the station, the q-line was also 100% better, and sounds fantastic., al I would say was turn those colour changing light off and it would be far better
  3. I`m really disapointed the bubbleworks is going, it would be great to see them bring back to the original Pro Burps Bubbleworks, with the technolgogy today, the ride could be fantansic. Lets hope chessington dont go for an IP that only lasts for a few year like "SAW" the ride that means nothing now. Personally I can see a white elephant arriving next year, yet another management disaster.
  4. I disagree, alot of the sound effects were removed when Terror Tomb became Tomb Blaster. The audio at this time was edited by an external contractor and has been used ever since. I agree that there has been a lot of miss opputuneties this time, but again the wrong people were involved in managing the project. It seems it was more of a H&S exerise are a ride refurbishment. This seems to be a common thing with all merlin projects at chessington. There are people in the park that really do care about making things right, but are always ignored by management that havent a clue about running a
  5. I agree, the music in some areas is a little loud, but aleast it working compared with last year. I rode it a couple of times and there were scenes that were completely silent. I was told that over the winter a new sound system was installed, so at least its going in the right direction, just a few tweaks.
  6. The ride has been running fine. I dont why everyone thinks that when a ride has a shutdown its the end of the world. Tomb blaster has had a few minor problems and a small amount of people blow it up to be a major incident. Get the facts right before posting anything !!!!!.
  7. Agreed!!!, Electric Bill !!. It seems there is only a handful of staff that are crying out to make a difference, but the management are not interested. I worked there in the winter and was appaled at how some of the maintainence team are treated. Personally, from what I saw it my very short time there, was there was too many (KIDS!!!) that have a team leader or management position, that have no clue about running a team or department within a theme park. Some departments within the park seem to be just full of team leaders and management, and no other staff, where other departments that are ei
  8. This is all wrong, I heard from one of the engineers on tombblaster today that the fact of the matter is that the gearbox failed on the ride. A crane came in to replace it. but the management for the day decided to send the crane away.A simple 3 - 4 hour replacement wont be repaired until next week when the schools go back. Once again dreadful, incompitant management, that havent a clue about running a park and keeping the guest happy.
  9. I enjoyed the tomb, even though all they have done is a little paint job and replaced the guns. The sound was all working the lighting was far baetter than last year, and the guns did work. I got quite a decent score compared with the old system.
  10. This whole series was fantastic, it really brought back memeries, when I used to visit the park when it was looked after, and it was all about the guests and not about making a profit. Are you planning any more videos !!! Also how get you get hold of the abdab models, there good great.
  11. Thats looks fantastic, lets hope this is the start of something very special for chessington. It looks like the right people are on the job now, making sure thare the park looks great for 2016.
  12. They are not bose, chessington stopped using bose speakers years ago, due to the cost and there being far better speakers available at a cheaper cost. Rumour has is that tomb blaster is have a brand new sound system installed, anyone have any more info!!!
  13. I agreed with electric bill, if it requires painting because it looks old, then paint it. If this was disney they would do, so why not Chessington. I think its great that after years of no investment, finally now theres a small group of staff that are going to try and make a difference. I hope that 2016 will be the turn around year.
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