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On 9/4/2019 at 2:04 PM, Joe99 said:

Merlin actually buying a flat! 😱


The writing has been on the wall for a fair while with Ramses so glad to see it’s actually being replaced unlike Ripsaw. Meanwhile Jumbos, is that the third spot for this ride now? 

Jumbos used to be in the area where Gruffalo arena now is so if it does move it will be it’s 3rd location.  I always think Jumbos are quite hidden away in its current location and wonder how many people don’t realise it’s there - if you don’t know the park or look at the map it’s easy to miss I imagine.


Back on topic - I’ll be gutted to see Rameses go - I remember the year it opened.....magical time waiting 2+ hours from my older sister and her friend to ride whilst my then wuss self and (still) wuss younger sister held the bags.  I first rode it in 2008 and it’s definitely one of my fave rides at Chessie but I agree that it is ending it’s time.  I’m surprised it has lasted as long as it has given that it is 2 years older than Ripsaw and that left Towers end of 2015?


Ive noticed over the summer holidays that Rameses was attracting fairly decent sized queues - also worth noting it’s had a lot of technical issues but I think it is still popular with lots of people.  I would personally prefer a like for like swap - something similar to Talocan would be nice and would have a significantly higher throughput than the proposed drop tower.



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1 hour ago, Han30 said:

Jumbos used to be in the area where Gruffalo arena now is so if it does move it will be it’s 3rd location.

Pretty sure it would be in it’s fourth location then. Jumbos originally opened with Circus World, which is where Wild Asia is now. That area closed around the late nineties and Jumbos was relocated to Toy Town (now Africana) with a now removed Clown Coaster. 


It stayed there for numerous years until it was relocated to it’s current location in 2012, to make way for the current stage area there now. The area where the ride is now was once home to the iconic Rodeo attraction, which also used to be in Circus World. Rodeo closed around 2004/2005 time I believe. 


Chessington has had a fair fair history of rides moving about, but I don’t think any of have seen as much compared to the Flying Jumbos ride. It’s new location will be where the old Carousel was, which is currently home to a cheap upcharge attraction.

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On 9/5/2019 at 5:36 PM, Glitch said:

Paulton's has it floors too and what happens when they loose the Peppa pig IP?

Paulton's will never let go of the Peppa Pig IP, in the same way that Thorpe will never let go of the Derren Brown IP as it has been instrumental in their success.


The Croc Tower looks lovely provided it doesn't have it's budget cut mid-build. Which never happens of course :)

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I always had a soft-spot for Rameses but to be honest, it hasn't really fit in Chessie for a long time and the common problem with Top Spins is they get more audience than ridership it seems. This seems like it would be a really nice addition, especially if the theming elements go in with it.

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