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The Small Uk Attractions Thread

Matt Creek

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Didn’t know where to put this so decided to create a new thread. Mods change as you like!


The North Hamptonshire Telegraph are reporting that Wicksteed Park has gone into administration due to the financial impact of the corona virus. It is also believed staff have lost their jobs and will apply for redundancy packages.


Such a great shame this has happened for the park, which is also home to a classic water chute ride too.

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Oooft, that's a hit.


This article here states that the park made a loss of £820k in 2018/19, which is a big amount for a small park even during an okay time. They also say that almost half of their visitors don't generate any money for the park, due to the free access of the park.


So even with a fundraiser launched, it's going to take a great deal for someone to invest in the place.


I believe the water chute is Grade II listed, so that can't be touched whatever happens. Though we may well see it left to the wilderness... 

12 hours ago, Matt Creek said:

Didn’t know where to put this so decided to create a new thread. Mods change as you like!

Can leave it for now, but Covid may have a great deal to say about how many small parks will be left in a year's time... 

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The Creators of the Crystal Maze Experience are launching a new attraction for 2021, based on Judge Dredd.

Concept art here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html

Website here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html


Looks very immersive..



@JoshC. - Please move if better suited to a different thread. 

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It can stay here
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Just in case anyone is interested, Fantasy Island has it's horror event going on (though little can be scarier than Skegness itself), with 3 mazes of a decent quality (according to my source). Probably helped by the batching people in pretty much on their own.


The bonus is that you can get in all 3 for £4.50 (each maze is £5 a pop) if you buy the Fear Wristband (which includes all the rides).


It's even more of a messy park atm, and Millennium is very dead. But could be worth a trip for anyone desperate for creds and frights.

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Bringing this topic back as Southport are trying to do a thing.




Not the best choice of ride all things considered however would inject a bit of life into the park. Fingers crossed.

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Agreed nothing really that special, but still a decent addition to the UK and a park that has seemingly struggled. It will certainly be worth adding on a visit to Southport on any trip to Blackpool if this is built. 


Planning application below. 



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