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Theme Park Visits in 2020


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So, 2020.  It goes without saying that this was a tough year for everyone; with everything else going on in the world, theme park visits feel like a pretty unimportant thing to talk about, but with everything else being so awful, they provided a much needed escape for those whom felt comfortable to and/or were able to visit.


It has been a very different year, and with that in mind, theme park visit lists will look very different this year.  With this in mind, did you manage to visit any parks this year, and if so, which ones?


I took the opportunity of a "step-back" from normal times to re-visit and support some of the independent parks in the UK.  I was pretty careful with planning my visits to be during quieter times, which usually worked well, and I'd say that I felt pretty safe during my visits.  Whilst there were guests at some parks who didn't follow regulations, e.g. not wearing masks or getting too close in queues, I didn't hesitate to tell them to keep a further distance away!


My park visits (in order) were;


Before First Lockdown

Blackpool Pleasure Beach x4


After First Lockdown

Brean Theme Park x1

Oakwood Theme Park x1

Alton Towers x1

Fantasy Island x1

Chessington x1

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach x1

Pleasurewood Hills x1

Adventure Island x1 (Added in December)

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Phantasialand x3 (pre-lockdown)

Thorpe Park x7



Alton Towers x2


Parc Asterix 

Parc du Bocasse


Parc Saint Paul

Jardin d'Acclimitation

Dennlys Parc


A quieter year compared to 2018 and 2019, and much quieter compared to what I had planned. But a fun year all the same, and good considering the context.


Holding out that travel and open parks will be allowed in December so I can squeeze in a trip to Phantasialand for Fly, but I'm not holding my breath.

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All mine post-lockdown


Alton Towers - 4 days

Europa Park - 3 days

Chessington - 1 day

Disneyland Paris - 3 days


This year, was supposed to feature Disneyland California, Californias Great America and the Florida Disney parks. It's also the first time since 2000 that I haven't been to Thorpe Park. 

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Winter Wonderland x1


(6-7 month dead spot for very obvious reasons)


Thorpe Park x3

Drayton Manor x2

Brean Theme Park x1

Funland at the Tropicana x1

Random funfair with 2 creds x1

Clacton Pier x2

Adventure Island x1


I plan on Old MacDonald Farm to get an extra credit in December so things aren't over yet.

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