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2023 Trip Plans


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So where are you going this year. The world is essentially back to normal (lets avoid talking China) so rollercoaster season is back on the menu boys/girls/everything in-between.


For me


May - Poland for Energylandia and the other one with Lech coaster


June - East coast trip for Kings Dominion, Busch Williamsburg, SF America, Hershey, Dorney, SF Great Adventure & the big Mall place in new Jersey. I've tried pushing for SF New England but I don't think I'm going to win my corner as it takes us way past New York and the Hubby is resisting my need for Batman.


August - Back to Florida to get on Tron, Guardians, Pipeline, Ice Breaker, Tigris and Iron Gwazi



Somewhere in-between, money dependant, I'd like to out to Parc Asterix for Toutatis, Madrid for Batman, Finland for Taiga, Germany for Mythica Coaster & Norway for Speed Monster and the new Gerstlauer. 


And naturally my sights are fully on Mandrill Mayhem at Chessington. I wont be going to Towers, without Nemesis it's almost completely pointless and Thorpe I'll go because I might finally get a second ride on whatever becomes of the Ghost Train. 


So how about y'all?

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We've got DRP booked at end of March - typically Big Thunder Mountain is going to be closed when we are there.


Will probably do a Thorpe visit once GHOST TRAIN is open, and then the usual Fright Nights visit or two.


Tulleys VIP is booked as it is every year.


We've got a weekend in Copenhagen in the Summer so a visit to the Tivoli Gardens is on the cards.


We normally do a trip to Towers with a few mates but can't see that happening this year without Nemesis and the fact I've got a fair bit of my annual leave booked already (got 9 nights in NYC at the start of July - no coastering over there, mind you - just eating and drinking is the plan!)

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Very fluid-looking year for me at the moment.


UK-wise, I'll hit up the Merlin quartet as ever. Blackpool is an outside possibility too. Maybe Pleasurewood Hills and the parks that sorta way too.


My main hits abroad at Asterix, Madrid, Port Aventura and Walibi Belgium. Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are potential short trips too. Also considering Gardaland/Movieland Italy as well. It all very much depends on finances and timings at this point now. No chance will all of these happen, but if I tick off a couple of them, I'll be happy.

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List is subject to everything. Mostly finance and time off work. 

Uk wise, will probably visit most/all Merlin parks. Chessington is a must and Thorpe park is imminent no doubt. Might visit Paultons and maybe Blackpool as well. 

In terms of abroad, got Disneyland Paris coming up later this month and a trip to Liseberg probably too. Hoping to get the Madrid parks done for that new Batman coaster and also visit Stockholm & Finland too, to mop out the parks there. 

Energylandia will probably resurface some point in the year along with Phantasialand for winter perhaps. Belgium, Garda and Heide are longshots but we shall see. Might do some more non-park trips too. Nothing long haul this year I expect. 

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