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I play very basic guitar.. (Badly at that) ;)

I'm hoping to take professional lessons somewhat soon though, so my ears stop bleeding every time I attempt to play a instrument :wacko:

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I would absolutely love to be able to play piano - how people can play really impresses me - I just can't comprehend how you can remember which keys to press and all that jazz - I mean, I can touch type pretty quick but that is slightly different :ph34r:


An oboe is an instrument I adore - the sound of it is fantastic - I would love to be able to even play my damn recorder but any instrument that requires focused breathing on I'm pretty much useless at.


I really want to get back into playing my electric violin - partly to cheese off my neighbour who enjoys having a damn good argument with himself on a weekly basis and when he isn't slamming ever door not once, but twice :diablo:.  I got my violin just over 10 years ago and would practice every day (it came with "silent strings" which aren't hugely silent!).  Problem is that I need a new bow and the whole violin restrung which I can't do myself because I would bodge it up royally and I refuse to go to the shop I bought it from - to say they are posh in there is an understatement and when I broke the G string :ph34r: I went in to get it replaced - at that point I didn't know it was the G and the woman gave me a look of utter disgust when I told her "it's the one on the end".  Found a brill shop out of town which are far nicer and much cheaper.  My problem is technique - as in, I have none. I used to have violin lessons in middle school but had to give up when I moved to secondary school as it was too expensive.  Although lessons never really helped me - I can't and could never read music so any piece I was given to play I would just figure it out and wing it - none of my teachers ever noticed!  Also I found it rather off putting that not one but two violin teachers had flatulence - and when you let one off in front of a 10/11 year old you can't really get angry when they laugh...which I did.


Might have a look on YouTube to see if there are any tutorial vids available 

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On 11/5/2016 at 6:14 AM, ThemeParkCrafter said:

I am studying music theory for grade 5 in order for me to do my grade 6 exam after and I find it very confusing and hard

 Turns out I never actually posted what I got in the music theory grade 5 exam. Got 91/100 in the exam meaning I got a distinction, and got a merit for grade 6 saxophone. I am going to try and do grade 8 in the next 2 or so years.

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3 hours ago, TPC said:

 Got 91/100 in the exam meaning I got a distinction



That’s the same mark I got when I did mine ;)

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