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I'm in Year 10, and taking Music for GCSE was the best choice I made! The coursework is all pretty easy, as is the listening and theory. (Only if you listen during lessons). The only bad thing is we have to do 30 minutes of listening exercises during every lesson, which are incredibly boring.

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I got to Grade 5 on the piano then quit, I still play it though.My Dad bought my an electric guitar, but I still don't know how to play it :) theres hardly any decent teachers so we're still looking for one :)

I was like that, then I found a rather awesome book which managed to teach me really well in only a few weeks. So yeah I can play guitar and also a bit of drums, but I'm not as good with drums.
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'Blows the massive cobwebs off (omg a giant spider)'

Being a musician (and studying a Music related degree), I feel I should contribute/bring this topic back to life.

I currently play Piano, Oboe and Drums.

Piano is my main instrument which I've been playing for nearly 14 years now and completed grade 8 in the instrument last year. I generally play a range of genres including jazz, classic and popular soundtracks.

I also do lots of composition (with and without piano), and learn most repertoire without music, having a rare gift of perfect pitch where I can learn music without sheet music.

Oboe is second instrument, which is a bit like a clarinet, but not near as well known. The instrument is smaller, more fragile and plays higher too. Oboists are generally rare and are apparently one of the hardest instruments to learn, due to technique of playing required and the ongoing reed battle. The instrument uses a double reed which can be temperamental and much like the Smiler trains, one reed can play beautifully one day and not so well the next.

I recently passed grade 7 on the instrument and now preparing for 8. Though it's my second instrument, I'm using oboe most of my ensembles (3 in total). This includes A Baroque and chamber group and a film orchestra. I'm first oboist in the Baroque & Chamber groups and second in the film one.

I also play drums, but they are mostly for fun tbh.

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