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  1. Is there an entrance close to the Royal Albert Hall? Wouldn't mind catching a ride on Olympia Looping before I see Muse.
  2. 3Dimensions


    Bought a ticket to see Muse at the Royal Albert Hall, my forth time seeing them (and the most expensive, it set me back £113!).
  3. Knock it down along with Storm Surge and Slammer and put a decent family coaster and flat in its place.
  4. 3Dimensions


    For those who don't know I have a song on Spotify (and other streaming places. Also on iTunes too. Yup that's my voice
  5. South Parks have posted a pic of the outside queue line, seems ridiculous having a cattle pen for X.
  6. 3Dimensions


    Passed my driving test!
  7. If this was at Thorpe, the queue lines would still have faux-razor wire fences.
  8. 3Dimensions


    Sorry for the double post, but this song really deserves it
  9. New for 2019: My Chemical Romance: The Ride! To celebrate their long awaited and obvious reunion, the island transforms to celebrate the incoming Black Parade - the bleak progression of the dead take over the park and infest their souls into the pyramid (another obvious horror theme, maybe Merlin should hire me (I really hope they do I heckin' need a full time job)).
  10. Saw the WD Swarm image on the back of a box of Crunchy Nut Clusters.
  11. Yeah I remember the Blackbeards thing, only went through it once in its original carnation. Sadly did the later version too many times (my friends and family were weirdly obsessed with it). They've now torn the ship down and replaced it with their Adventure Inside building (but considering the state it was in, it isn't much of a loss). Sadly my presence at the park that day seems unlikely now
  12. Might be at the park that day, but sadly won't be able to meet at that time. Might be able to bump into you sometime though. Depends on if my brother or dad are going to the match that day.
  13. Anyone's remember that Terminator Salvation coaster? Swear I saw videos of that with fire.
  14. I guess they got turned off by the idea of me and my boyfriend doing a sponsored naked scare maze run in return to a pair of free tickets.
  15. Reasonably good/ The stuff with that tattooed bloke was plain out embarrassing.
  16. BF cheated on me and my dog died in the same week, slightly too much to handle all at once
  17. Loads of places just 'sell' Costa rather being a full out branch. I've noticed all the Premier Inn pubs do this as well as lots of universities and colleges.
  18. Haven't been able to afford it really (with student budgeting and all) plus my phone is terrible, might not work. Instead, I got my RCT2 files from my PC and downloaded OpenRCT2 on my Mac so I can now play it at uni.
  19. Any other bisexual males noticing that they're only matching with guys on Tinder (not that that's a bad thing)? Always too afraid to start any conversations with people too, it either descends into nothingness or I end up ruining it.
  20. 3Dimensions


    You've all probably heard this already, but I seriously can't get enough of this song since seeing them at a festival in Portsmouth.
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