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Well I've found quite a few control panels over the internet. Just didn't know TPM had a thread for this! Hopefully some new ones for those of you interested in this stuff. There's mainly Thorpe Park

So if we put Stealths control panel onto the keyboard it would be like this:Right Hand Side __1 _______2 _________3 _________ 4 __________________________________________________________________

Here's a control panel of a KMG inversion 12

Posted Images

Other than Vampire, Runaway Train I would really like to operate. You get to make use of the PA, as well as being able to have control of how many circuits the train makes!

It's easily my favourite ride to operate at Chessington. The Interactiveness of the ride and the way you control every aspect of it (speed, amount of circuits etc) just makes it fun... hours fly by at it.
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It does look quite well labelled and layed out for the Dragon's Fury operator.I just hope there is more than just putting the same 2 buttons now for the operator on Dragon's Fury! :P

It was changed this year, it's more to allow the operator to view the whole queueline as the old control panel obscured the view. Other then that, it was exactly the same to operate.
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Seems weird for an operator to need to see the queueline though? Must be like one of the only rollercoaster which can see its queue.

Well you see Fury, being a main attraction and pretty sun drenched had a lot of people fainting due to dehydration for instance. Vampire was covered in tree shadow so got away with it but I remember one day at Fury where I had to keep people in the first part of the queue line as so many people had fainted in the extension.
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Mark - You say the operator has to be able to see the queue as it is a main attraction. What about Dragon Falls then? Dragon Falls is even more busy, obviously, in the summer. Isn't that queue line completely exposed to the sun too?Really, I think it is common sense that you take a drink with you if you are standing around in a long queue in the sun.(Or is that just me :P).Dragon's Fury - I have also seen someone faint but this was just at the batching point.I felt so sorry for them as they looked so embarrased but obviously there was nothing she could do.

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