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  1. My plans are: - Alton Towers with 3 friends in April - Las Vegas & Orlando for 3 weeks in July The Vegas/Orlando trip is already booked, but need to really look into cheap accommodation and tickets for Alton Towers. Not to sure on what the best options are, so will have a in depth look
  2. I'm going to Alton Towers for the first time ever on Thursday and Friday...Will Thirteen and Rita be back up by then?
  3. I'm thinking that to add to the theme of the apocolypse, do you thinkt that Thorpe would build a tilt coaster? Like Gravity Max in Japan. Except, when the track tilts forward, the story claims that the track has snapped etc etc etc. I think you get what I mean
  4. Sorry if this is really random, but I was searching pictures of Tidal Wave just now, and this one came up:I'm sorry, but I've never seen the water that clear in all the time I've been on the ride. Do they clean the water up at the start of every new season, then let it go during the season, and let it get dirtier and dirtier?
  5. Ahhh...Ok, just been out the loop lately and only just heard the "Tidal Dave" rendition of Barbra Streisand.
  6. Welsh Boy

    Logger's Leap

    This log flume is an absolute must for me. This was the VERY FIRST ride I went on at Thorpe Park, back before it was owned by Tussauds. I love drifting along lazily, and even the drop in the dark still suprises me !!! As for the double drop, well, still as enjoyable as the first time I rode it. This ride my need a lick of paint, or maybe the odd patch up here and there, but I think that its still a much loved ride at the park.
  7. Sorry if I'm going off topic, but what's this "Tidal Dave" all about?
  8. Ahhh ok... I was hoping it wouldnt be that busy. But what would a day out to a theme park be without the queues !!! Thank you
  9. I accidentally posted a thread asking about this kind of thing, so sorry about the :SWhats it likely to be next wednesday? Is it still term time then or ?
  10. My friends and I are planning to go to Thorpe next wednesday. Will it be likely to be busy then or ? Also, what time does the park open?
  11. Welsh Boy


  12. Welsh Boy is back !!! Ok, it's not that exciting, but yeah, I left, and now I'm back
  13. Is there a list of ALL the Amity Cove music by Tidal Wave and Stealth? I was hoping to get them all
  14. Well, I havent been on here for AGES. So hello again all To be honest, I have always found Colossus relatively smooth every time I've gone (Not that often I must admit!) Is it really that bad?
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