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Fright Nights


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Been trying to steer clear of all the fright night talk as I wasn't sure if I was able to go this year but I booked my tickets yesterday so I can start to get excited! One thing I did notice is that Blair witch project now has a fast track which means j can go on it as the queue was too long last year for me so I went on some rides in the dark instead :)

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Thanks, with regards to the touching not being 'that bad' something like someone grabbing my ankles would definitely freak me out a hell of a lot- even the puffs of air in Hocus Pocus Hall make me leap about 3 feet :blush: - but hey that's the point of HPH and the FN mazes :lol:

I'm definitely going to take pluk and James' advice and keep my hands firmly planted on the shoulders infront of me and just make a bit of a joke out of it and laugh my way through. It's nice to know that I can ask to be taken out if I desperately need to though- thanks Altitude for the heads up :D

Sorry for the double post.....

Just a heads up, don't tie your hair up in a ponytail or anything when you go in the mazes, as the actors will grab it and try to pull it out :/ an actor managed to pull mine out in experiment 10 a couple of years ago and it actually hurt quite a bit :/

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