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  1. Oh....well I guess princesses are popular, fair enough.
  2. Did I just dream it or did Small World previously have a section you walked around that featured a miniature city with lights and voices?
  3. Ooh, the last two hours one is helpful. Although I probably should have mentioned I will be going with two other adults and 3 children, so FP and SRQ probably aren't really applicable.
  4. Hey everybody, I'm headed to DLP on Monday for a few days. It's going to be crowded, hot and expensive, any pro tips for me?
  5. You actually think children in this day and age no longer like to see animals? Even though zoo's up and down the country are still raking in thousands?
  6. I wish I could show you the ride picture of my nieces the first time their mother dragged them on the Bubbleworks. The younger one is screaming in tears and the older one looks like she's got a gun pointed in her face. Then when they got home they spent the entire day watching POV's . And were ecstatic the next time we went to the park to go back on the ride.
  7. I hope you don't mind but your post was so clear and concise that I forwarded it along to Chessington's twitter, they were cool about it.
  8. Blimey who knew Burnt Stub Manor used to look like the Playboy Mansion inside, good thing they made it a ride so now it's less scary.
  9. I don't hate it. I think the positives definitely outweigh the negatives here. The biggest positive for me is that 27 years later I can still ride a dark-ride at Chessington and relive my BubbleWorks memories. From what I could see in the POV I watched the lighting is so much better, it's actually a dark ride. The use of music is a bit lackluster and there was definitely a bland section around the midway point but compared to the DuckyWorks (or full closure and demolishing) this is an improvement. Also important to me is that Transylvania as a land still seems to be left largely intact. I'm ok
  10. Hah, that's hilarious. We missed out on Pirates last time becuase we couldn't find it. Now my 24 year long mission will still go uncompleted. Any other useful tidbits?
  11. I'm going to DLP in May! It's my first time back to the park since summer 1992 so....Do they still have that freaky Snow White ride?
  12. It's a strong possibility, I wonder what the best day to go in the half term would be?
  13. It looks fun...but a 4 hour round trip is a big no for the kiddies. Unfortunately.
  14. Thanks, sadly it's Devon coverage is pretty limited.
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