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Fright Nights 2013

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Let's not expect it to return.

They're going down the film route. If rumours are to be believed, it was meant to have a retheme this year anyway.

It's all but gone in my opinion.

Just seen this post.

To be honest, the amount of work Thorpe did on The Asylum last year (repainting all the corridors, new walls, new lighting in the final corridor, a new scene at the end and new scenes in the main "show room") says that they weren't planning to remove it IMO.

They did a lot more work on it last year than they usually do.

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The thing is, if the park were to retheme Asylum, they could essentially keep it exactly the same (route, colours, etc.), but just add in different scenes and change the name. It's not a lot required at all if they want to keep it simple. The amount of work done to it would suggest to me that they were planning on changing it, but the IP fell through at the last minute.

What we've got to remember is that in 2012 Thorpe introduced The Passing, which was a 'new' maze (okay, new-ish, considering it was essentially Hellgate backwards, but you know what I mean) and did some changes to Experiment 10. Of course, neither of those mazes returned for 2013, so just because they did a lot of work Asylum for one year, doesn't mean they wouldn't be prepared to completely change it for the next year!

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I'm looking forward to seeing something else in Asylum if I'm honest. I could imagine a (fake) lower ceiling, and maybe some mood lighting, orange or yellow, they could theme it out to maybe look like a house or catacombs and if they keep the IP nature of things for Fright Nights could have something like Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes, or even Texas Chainsaw Massacre if they wanted to keep the ending scene.

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