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  1. BigDaddyCool


    Really bugging me, but does anyone know of a sort of gameshow from the early 00's,was a Saturday night sort of thing, and people would do daring things/face their own fears to try and win a surprise/prize for someone they loved? Wife/brother/mother etc. e.g. one guy had to sumo wrestle with actual sumo wrestlers and win at least one round of three attempts, another woman had to sing in a musical even though she was nervous, and one woman who was scared of rollercoasters had to ride 3 rides at Thorpe Park, she only managed Nemesis Inferno from what I remember. Anyway, anyone remember the name of the show?
  2. I seem to remember arcades way back when, playing 'I'm the candyman....The Candyman! Hey! Candyman!"
  3. Ironically I wouldn't mind them opening later, not so I could still ride after 5 or 5:30pm, but so when I left at that time the car park wouldn't be rammed with people trying to get out as most of them would still be in the park!
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing something else in Asylum if I'm honest. I could imagine a (fake) lower ceiling, and maybe some mood lighting, orange or yellow, they could theme it out to maybe look like a house or catacombs and if they keep the IP nature of things for Fright Nights could have something like Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes, or even Texas Chainsaw Massacre if they wanted to keep the ending scene.
  5. This looks like something from Mr McGoriams Wonder Emporium! Certainly does look nice though. Some British park control panel stations that also stand out for me/seem a bit unique are: *Smiler - Although I think it's an odd design for the ride op to be that exposed, but good for the ride op to see everthing going on below. *Th13teen - I like how the station feels under cover and forest-like, and the booth although square looks quite nice. *Air - I think it looks quite good, and a bit like one of those old cars where the main door was the front of the car itself, as the door in and out of the panel is on the front to the side. *Swarm - What's not to like about that upside-down emergency response unit? But keep the pics of the flamboyant looking ones from abroad, enjoying the splash of culture on the control booths
  6. Oh my goodness! This looks absolutely sexual. I definitely have to get to Liseberg soon, never been. And look at the impact it'll have one Liseberg's skyline, absolutely phenomenal!
  7. I found that people complain about Alton Towers closing times, but then don't actually stay that late anyway. E.g. people complained about last years Scarefest being potentially cut to earlier times, yet some of those people probably wouldn't of stayed later anyway. Although I'm a major Fright Nights fan myself, "Viva La Fright Nights!" - (Can someone make me a sig with that on?)
  8. Off topic to the teeth but still about food. It really turbines my tubulars when a crisp multipack has less of the nice flavours, e.g. say 5 ready salted buy only 3 prawn cocktail or roast chicken.
  9. H&S run riot on anything fun these days, although I can understand their concerns after such incidents as the kid falling from the queueline of Tomb Blaster, although in part that's just common sense to not let your children climb every possible crevice. Sometimes the silly ones ruin it for the rest of us!
  10. Really? That really does sound like something I missed out on!
  11. I remember when there was a McDonalds at Alton Towers, with the car through the front of the roof. And when Pizza Hut/KFC that used to be in X-sector did kentucky fried chips. Oh those were the days.
  12. I may try and make this my first meet. Just need to sort some things out, bit nervous as I'm quite new to this. Both forums and meeting new people like this although I'm sure you're not murderers! (I hope! lol) But put me down as a maybe I should be able to make it etc.
  13. Unfortunately it's 'what's best for business' and makes money more/quicker, than 'what's best for the guests' and in a way Thorpe Park and Merlin wouldn't be around if they weren't that blunt about things. I don't mind queuing anyway if I'm with a cool group of people.
  14. Hello Jammin James. I'm new too! I'm BDC (Big Daddy Cool) and this site seems like a nice place, I may stick around
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