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  1. My prediction - fu,ck off long queues regardless of throughput.
  2. Alex

    Puzzles & Riddles

    One of them works a night shift and is *really* dedicated.
  3. Which will mean increased profit, better food and customer service, which in turn potentially means more repeat visitors, more sales and more investment.
  4. Cobra at Paultons is a good example of everything!
  5. If by 'nothing to do with state of the climate' you mean it's nothing to do with the recession, then you couldn't be more wrong.It doesn't take a genious to work out that companies, especially ones like Waitrose who pride themselves on customer service, would rather have more people working to provide the exemplary service their customers have come to expect. However as Waitrose are providing a premium product and thus charging more, some of their consumer base will be moving to cheaper substitutes such as Sainsburys or Tesco. Therefore in order for Waitrose to remain a viable business they need to either increase their sales or cut their costs.They won't want to reduce the price of products to increase sales as this may tarnish their premium reputation in the long run, thus they need to look at cutting costs. One of the highest overheads in any organisation is employees, which is why in tough economic times you see large numbers of people being made redundant as firms try to balance the books.Redundancies is one option, Waitrose appear to be taking the other option and instead of laying off some employees and allowing others to stay and continue working extended hours, they have cut the hours of permitted work (in this case by capping overtime) which allows them to hopefully keep all the staff they have spent time and resources training.
  6. Laugh out loud.If it was that easy, and they wanted to, then they would.
  7. Alex

    Paultons Park

    Ashamed as I am to admit it, the Mega Disk'O does look pretty cool...
  8. Alex


    The easiest way to make one is with Freewebs etc. But they are ****. For a 'proper' website (ie. Hosting without banner adverts on all your pages, .co.uk domain name) you will have to shell out some mulah, although it's not that expensive, you can get a .co.uk domain for under a tenner for two years and equally cheap hosting if you're not looking for much storage. Of course this varies depending on what you want the website to do. Take a look at 123-reg.co.uk for example.The time consuming part of course is actually making the website. If you have Microsoft Office then the chances are it came with Microsoft Office Frontpage, if you don't see it installed already then whack out the CD and it might be on there. If not have a Google for a free HTML editor, I'm sure there's probably an alternative around somewhere. Frontpage is good to get started with, it allows you to make a basic page using tables, change bits and bobs about it fairly similarly to Microsoft Word. It's great to fiddle and learn with, however AdobeĀ®/Macromedia Dreamweaver is much better, but costs money. Once you've learnt the basics you might want to start making graphics to move away from a text/image based site, for which you'll need something like AdobeĀ®/Macromedia Fireworks, which is used in creating a large amount of the Graphics for TPM. This costs more money, however G.I.M.P is an excellent free alternative.I find the best way to learn things like this is just to dive in with creating a site, fiddle and see how stuff works. If you have a problem the Google it and there are loads of great tutorials that will help you to make stuff, just takes time to get your head round it all, can be rather overwhelming at first!As for TPM, that's much more advanced than even what I've mentioned above. It uses a combination of Fireworks graphics together with HTML and PHP (Dreamweaver) server side coding, which in turn communicate with MySql databases, amoung other funkay stuff!
  9. Better than losing your job altogether, no?
  10. Alex


    LOL! It bloody is as well!
  11. Alex


    Aw James, ouch! Sorry to hear that man. =[Did they say why?
  12. Fury has nine cars, it is able to run with a maximum of eight therefore one is kept off to be used for parts. All eight cars are rarely seen in operation as using them all increases the risk of there being a block shutdown, as cars need to be unloaded/loaded and then dispatched much quicker than with seven cars.These are facts. Gracias.
  13. And on the other side just past North entrance heading towards Kingston, there is the old hall, Chessington Cricket Club and 4 or 5 houses built on land that used to be occupied by St Mary's School. Hardly an estate. I refer you again to this.Take my word on it. Always wondered what that house is used for, or if anyone lives in it. Same goes for the one by the bus stop, which I presume is also owned by Chessington. Permenant Zoo Keeper residence?
  14. Alex

    Post Your Desktop!

    Aww!Although I hope Pepsi isn't its name... poor dog.
  15. Alex


    I have decided that 'The Undercover Princes' is televisual genious!
  16. Harr. The news is full of bull, plus if Chessington were going bankrupt it probably would have been in the local paper. Chessington alone wouldn't go bankrupt anyway as they're part of a chain, not a seperate entity. All the Woolworths stores closed, not just one or two, geddit?Alton and Thorpe are both more restricted in terms of physical space to build. Alton are surrounded by protected woodland and listed buildings, Thorpe are as you quite rightly said, surrounded by lakes. You can't just build on water though.Chessington is surrounded by a housing estate is it? New to me, seeing as I live here. Plus, take a goosey gander at this [click].Odd that, lots of bizzare green houses. I think they call them fields. This is indeed green belt land, however green belt legislation is somewhat less restrictive than a hellava lot of water or listed trees and buildings, as is evidenced by Heathrow building a new runway and terminal on green belt land.Regardless Chessington does need serious investment, the place is starting to look rather tired. Merlin have shown that they don't plan to sell the park any time soon, with plans for a 1,200 seat area having recently been approved by the council. The start of good things to come I hope, and with the Blackstone Group firmly in the... black, I'm sure the future is positive.
  17. Alex


    Thanks for that, I haven't seen the final episode yet. Douche. Perhaps spoiler tags next time yeah?As for Big Brother, what a flaming pile of ****. No point in watching E4 for the next 5 months or however retardedly long that tripe is on. Can't believe they've replaced Scrubs with BBLBRBLRB or whatever it is.Waterloo Road was indeed absolutely brilliant television, can't remember the last time a single episode of a show evoked so many different emotions!
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    Nemesis wasn't a prototype.
  19. Alex

    Post Your Desktop!

    Well no surprise there, lol.
  20. Alex


    It's not nessecerily going to be a prototype though...
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