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  1. Actually, the very first song to come on in the Amity loop is The Beach Boys - I get around.
  2. Mr_Rabbit


    Rush will be back in operation from tomorrow (Saturday)
  3. Mr_Rabbit


    I'm sure the people concerned at Thorpe are questioning exactly the same thing Mr Cant....However, it was a delay, rather than a mixup.
  4. Mr_Rabbit


    Thorpe were let down by S&S (the manufacturer) which lead to a delay in essential parts required to put the ride back together for the new season arriving. Now that the parts have finally arrived, the rides re-construction has commenced and should take around another week before it is fully operational once again.
  5. The water from above effect (a.k.a. Pigeon poo effect from pirates) will work soon and will activate during the waterfall scene!
  6. Staff preview day today for the new Sealife... All I will say is it's lovely in there. Very good addition to the park and despite the facts its temporary and in a giant marquee, its fantastic inside. The themeing is of a high standard and it'll do wonders for the park this season.
  7. If you were able to add any new songs to the Tidal Wave playlist, what would they be? Obviously keeping with the same/current theme!
  8. Still a couple of issues with the misters / smoke but it should be working fully very soon.
  9. 59,000 was my highest....Seen somone get about 61,000 though.
  10. The staff that work on the 'Experience' area rides are trained to ensure they enhance the guests experience at each of their ride and so far it looks like they are doing a great job!See if you can spot the puppets and props that some of the staff have for these rides, particualrly in Octopus Gardens.
  11. Did you happen to be on that Banana ride with all the other RCCGB members today?
  12. I think you'll be perfectly happy with it.
  13. Detonator will not be running this weeked.... Due to extra maintenance needed.
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