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  1. Just made a Dragons Fury Re-creation on NoLimits. If you like I will post it here ??
  2. Ok, I'm not going to the meetup but I will be there on the day so look out for me
  3. Lewie900


    Paparazzi (Live on AOL Sessions) - Lady Gaga
  4. Loooool. ye sure. Ill PM you

  5. haha yes, Rush Rules all. XD. And I'm good thanks how are you?

  6. Lewie900


    I think 3-4 swings is ok but Rush is one of the quickest queues in the park. It shoots by. (I think). And besides I still think its absolutely worth it
  7. I'm going into I.T. and Business somehow but don't specifically know what to do lol
  8. Lewie900

    This Or That

    So random but Snakes hahaLove or Money?
  9. Thats gonna make my stomach turn HA . Can't waiT!
  10. Lewie900

    This Or That

    ONLINE SHOPPING! So Much easier.Facebook or Myspace?
  11. Well done!! =P. Ahaha shes amazing isn't she :P. Whats your fav song of hers?

  12. Lewie900


    Yes I llove ugly bettyy
  13. Lewie900


    I'm not ashamed to say this but I watch Sponebob so much its unreal HAHA
  14. Lewie900

    This Or That

    Food :PSoAsia Or RealChinaMost of you probs wont know what these are actualy lol
  15. Lewie900

    Rocky Express

    I Love this ride. But a little tip. If you are sitting on the back carridge or the little train, DON'T LEAN BACK. unless you want Head surgery haha. If you hit your head on the tube thing it hurts like hell
  16. I don't know but lets just stop now because you making me excited HAHA. Naah I'm gonna search that up now
  17. 1) Money, Lots of Money2) Love.3) End poverty
  18. Lewie900


    Paper Gangsta - Lady Gaga XD XD
  19. Good on you Chantelle with Lady Gaga. XD. Shes very fine looking I must admit. Haha I'm like one her biggesstt fannnss evevvvrr lol!
  20. MyNameIsLewis.There ya go thats all you need to know
  21. Lewie900

    This Or That

    I'm gonna have to say MAC. .Spiders Or Snakes?
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