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  1. I think being stuck on Nemesis like that could be quite fun XD
  2. Lewie900


    Just ignore me I was confusing myself anyway :L
  3. Lewie900


    X:\ Is like a Backwards, faster and in the dark fish. If you think about it there isn't THAT much difference. even though there is in some aspects. I'm confusing myself now
  4. the only time that the queues actually peak over 3 hours are at fright nights and the mazes. The Asylum always seems to have the longest. Any other busy time will be between 30 mins - 120 mins. So the longest queue I have ever seen was obviously at fright nights lol
  5. My only tradition is... Rush Comes First........ ALWAYS =]
  6. Lewie900


    True . But they put waaaaaay too much powder on it. after a while its just like 'Ok its clean...'
  7. Nooooo, Out of all the rides why rush!?
  8. Stealth is getting very Old for me now. Every time I go I don't normally go on it, but I do occasionally go on it of course. And I will be going on it loads at Fright Nights because I love the night view at the top
  9. Lewie900


    Agreed, especially since they put two whole bottles of that white powder stuff on the ground where the person was sick. Over-exaggerating if you ask me. It should take around 2-3 minutes to clean up to be honest. If it is on a seat then about 5. not 10 though
  10. Well I got it really bad, I was in almighty pain. I must have been sitting awkwardly or something but I am not ever going on it again because it hurt like hell. my stomach then just ached and ached for the week .
  11. Am I the only one here that hates tidal wave because I seriously damamged my stomach from the impact of the wave? lol
  12. There is so much Coin incidents on here lol. And no I haven't had any, or witnessed any 'near death expieriences'lol.
  13. Quantum is just one of those rides I Don't feel safe on but I have to go on because its hysterical. hahaha
  14. Lewie900

    Logger's Leap

    I am not a big fan of Loggers Leap. Simply because I hate wet rides. Having said that. I think the main drop is amazing lol.
  15. That just sounds dodgey but hilarious =]
  16. Thats why there is other places such as chessington and Alton Towers. Thorpe park wasn't really made for families. Well actually it WAS but they changed it for Teens and adults and so on. and besides there is Canada Creek Railway.
  17. Hey guys, I got bored so thought I would combine these two pieces of audio together and I think that it would be great for A Maze like Hell gate or something because it would scare me alot! .Check it out.http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IYMRO2MU
  18. Lewie900

    This Or That

    New DivideMerrang Or Pafita rolls
  19. Haha I remember one time on detonator he said he wouldn't drop us until we all put our hands up. So we did and we got dropped but by the time we got to the bottom I was the only one with my hands still up haha. and the op was like 'Well done you were the only one with guts' HA.
  20. Wow, after reading all these posts I'm actually so excited right now. And it just looks so amazing I'm itching to see whats inside. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Only a couple weeks left? Wow!! Everything looks so cool and SAWish .
  21. Hopefully this whole Samurai thing has been Cleared up now
  22. Meme has a point, there is 13.6 - 13.7 e.t.c, meaning there were videos planned. So I don't know why they have just stopped all a sudden
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