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    My most favourite things are theme parks, I'm fairly new to the rollercoaster aspect of them, but am thoroughly enjoying my new found friends (rollercoasters)
  1. Here's the actual layout RMA made for the maze, alongside construction photos.http://www.rma-themedattractions.co.uk/thorpe-park-fright-night
  2. ThorpeFanDan


    I wouldn't be surprised if it'll never run again.
  3. I took these pictures yesterday. I was waiting for someone to arrive, so it's fairly in depth.http://merlinmania.com/forum/post-17995.html#pid17995
  4. I'm also in Crack Squad Alpha, so if you're going to give Echo a like, why not Alpha Spread the word, remember, together we can uncover the truth.Facebook page for Crack Squad AlphaThanks
  5. Your Rasmet0193? I didn't know you are on Mania Hub, I like your videos BTW

  6. I don't see this as too bad, but good and too bad are two very different things. Surely they could have used this sponsor in a more Dr. Peppery ride, rather than Tidal Wave.However I dont see why people are getting in such a fuss about this, its not as if they've just got wooden signs with dr pepper written on them, and sticky taped them to a fence. 99% of Visitors won't care about this addition not matching with the rides theme, or story, they're there to have a fun day, not to fuss over a bit of advertisement. But thats not to say I or fans like us like it.
  7. I think there may be a subtle hint as to when this area will be developed in the new park map. I know many of the people on the map are just there for the sake of being there, but the man clearing trees on the Mrs Hippos fungle Safari site could surely be seen a hint, even if it wasn't, that this is going to be 2010's new ride.
  8. ThorpeFanDan


    I wouldn't be surprised if the ride stayed, remember this is only a MTDP and is using the new infill land for most large additions, the park would only remove X for a large development. Nothing on the plans says the coaster isn't going to be removed either, so we could see a new attraction inside, that would need no planning permission.
  9. ThorpeFanDan


    I suppose that would be true, maybe the park want to be unique, and have something different.
  10. ThorpeFanDan


    If I think about the layouts I can see coaster one being a B&M flyer and the 2nd an Intamin Megalite
  11. ThorpeFanDan


    http://ww2.runnymede.gov.uk/business/ImpactAssess/site/F5633003_St_Peters_report/Appendix6_MTDP_Plan.pdfHere is what I think to be the new MTDP, I'm not sure if its been posted anywhere else, but basically it highlights:2 new coasters in the tresure island area, a new entrance refurb4or 5 new flat rides with 9 different locations plannedoctopus gardens gone extentions to shops and entrance e.t.cI understand the coaster layouts are only brief plans, but do the new ones both have immelmanns or dive loops?
  12. Such a shame I'll never get to go there, looks so good.
  13. My ideas2010: SAW alive opens, general park cleaning up2011: X:// No Way Out removed, along with the arena and carousel with preperation for 2012 coaster. Colossus repainted and given new effects e.g flame throwers and is renamed Poseidon. Rameses revenge is relocated from chessington to MHFS area, named talisman.2012: New coaster - Enigma opens, an intamin coaster, like TH13TEEN, the ride station is inside the rethemed X building, which now looks like an aztec pyramid, and is accessed from beside Slammer. The ride does some fast turns outside, between talisman, slammer and nemesis inferno. It then re-enters the pyramid for a backwards section inside. This is all part of a new area - Azteca which is home to Slammer, Enigma, Talisan and Pendulum (rethemed mr Monkeys banana ride.2013. Octopus gardens is removed and the area infront of Enigma, some of the arean and octopus gardens is taken up by a splash battle ride "Aqua wars" it is part of the lost city. The hotel is also opened, with a mini golf course, spa and small cinema2014. The SAW contract runs out, SAW: the ride becomes Sawmill 666 and SAW: alive is removed with a jet ski ride operating from the SAW:Alive queue area. Rumba Rapids has also been removed, opening up access to the new Treasure Island, known as Crossbone Coast. This area is home to maelstrom, a Disk-o, housed over some of the rumba rapids lake and a simulator like star tours at DLRP, named Shipwreck, near the inside area of the old rumba rapids, its queue is inbetween there and stealth. Its is designed to be fairly thrilling. A water Park opens in The hotel area.2015. Completion of Crossbone coast with the addition of a water coaster, possibly Aqua trax, "Cannon". New Robo arms are located on the Trampolines site near Tidal wave"Twisted Vines" Opening speculation That Amity Cove is to get a retheme2016. Depth charge and neptunes beach have been removed and a new haunted house is opened, named the haunt. Flying Fish is renamed the witches curse and is given some theming like broken statues and dying trees. Ghostbusters 4D opens in the theatre, Tidal wave is renamed crimson tide and Amity cove is made to look even more delapidated in the new land Half Moon Hill2017.Indoor Rapids "crypt" open in Half Moon. General park tidy up and the removal of the entrance bridge, in return for two entrance bridges, one leading in between vortex and Zodiac. The other to Half Moon Hill, In between the Crypt and the Haunt2018. A new B&M flying coaster "Il volo venice" (the flight of the Phoenix) opens on another part of infill, behind the crimson Tide and Quantum is moved to this area, known as "Da vinci Plaza" it has an italian feel. Canada creek raliway is extended to a new station in Da Vinci Plaza 2019. Addition of madhouse "Mona lisa's smile" in Da Vinci Plaza and A topple Tower "Peril on the seven seas" in Crossbone Coast. Port Atlantis is re-designed and named Mountbatten Pavilion again. It now houses a hosptitality suite, One shop, The Glass house and a walk through attraction is added, which is designed to disorientate, and included spinning tunnels, a mirror maze and crooked corridors.Sorry, I'm new to TPM
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