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    2019 Season

    Wheelchairs don't define disabilities. Ultimately like Joshua said, I think a limit on the amount of people you can take on needs to be implemented. My understanding was that the pass should give you a time where you can do your next ride? Is that nit the case now?
  2. Graeme

    2019 Season

    Europa park do still have a system similar to RAP. My friends used it a week ago and have been doing for a few years.
  3. Having visited Thorpe today for the first time in 2 years, the park is in need of a refresh throughout the whole park. It's falling into a state of disrepair. Instead of investing in a new ride, buy some paint and get new restraints on Stealth, Inferno and Rush at a minimum. Sort out the quelling fences and paint some of the facades.....sort out the inferno volcano and the Colossus track. It was so un appealing. Apart from the rides, its a horrible place to be. Don't build a hotel yet, sort the rest of the park out.
  4. Oh god No....... This conversation brings me back to southparks when there was a lot of hate on the name being "Stealth".
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  6. I fail to see how "the hub" is much of an event space.
  7. So let me get this straight....The opening was delayed so that they could get this ride completed to the standard they wanted. 7 months later, they're changing it. Riiiggghhhtt then. Why can't they just build a decent experience straight off the bat? This stinks of Stealth 2.0 and the Swarm "Brave it backwards". Just build a decent ride from the outset and you don't have to keep recycling it for marketing purposes. In fact, build a decent brand that has a good reputation and your marketing costs will go down anyway, but that's for another topic.
  8. Winter Season in Europa Park has longer hours.... With days during summer season or open season as we know it here being a MINIMUM of 9 hours.
  9. Are you staying at the EP Hotels? The shuttle is €180 euros each way. I always book this option just for peace of mind and the fact it's booked through the park means if something goes wrong then there is some kind of comeback at the hotel reception. If staying at the hotels you can email them at [email protected] to book.
  10. I can come up with lots of unique ideas, about 10 years ago, I had lots of unique ideas on RCT......these all ended badly. The ideas seem to be there but never work in practice, that's the issue.
  11. I think the hype train is well founded this time though.....
  12. Graeme


    My point was that I have never seen a train on Colossus actually ready to dispatch early.
  13. Graeme


    Dispatching a train early on Colossus...... You should do stand up
  14. I think they were referring to the ride not being ready!
  15. That was just a motor lock up, not as drastic as it looks. I have thought for many years that Thorpe should get a woodie. I think it would compliment the park well and offer a variety of coaster type. I dream that Colossus will just be bulldozed and a mack mega put in it's place but that's a pipe dream. If a woodie is built, please be a more exciting layout than Towers appears to be.
  16. The Hex vault is in its own building as seen in this photo. The pre show is in the towers themselves . I personally think it'll be Charlie that goes, replaced with an indoor flume.
  17. I'm calling shotgun! 91 was my first ride!
  18. EVERY (at least 10 visits) time I visited last year, the swarm opened after 10. I would never count on thorpe opening rides on time, they just can't seem to achieve a 100% success rate
  19. So it's supposed to have 2 endings but only 1 is in operation? If so....they really did wait to perfect it didn't they
  20. WDW is a park that it way beyond anything that Thorpe can ever dream of being. That atmosphere is created by many elements that is lacking at Thorpe. The question is why should we co operate?
  21. More rides don't always mean better parks. For a park to be "good" in my eyes, it requires more than just rides. Thorpe is run far from this. As for helping merlin....I feel no brand loyalty to them what so ever. First time in 11 years I haven't renewed my MAP! I hardly think for one second that they put the ride in for the fanboys, they did it for more money! What I would say, is out of respect for Marc and the site that he has built, keep spoilers off. Not because Thorpe asked us to! People will not just "stumble" across spoilers, they will go looking for them. It won't impact on Thorpe parks numbers.
  22. Yeah because Merlin respect their guests like that, we owe it to merlin to keep their ride secrets a secret.....NOT! Paying guests have given away a rides secret? So what? They don't owe Merlin or Thorpe anything! They'll still get guests going specifically to ride it. Edit: Marc, I see your point as you have an interest in keeping a good relationship with the park, as individuals though, we don't owe Thorpe anything!
  23. If we didn't get spoilers on this site we would guess them elsewhere. It's ONLY a ride after all, hardly matters of national security!
  24. AMEN! I used to get frustrated at England losing games they should've won. now, I just laugh. They are an embarrassment to themselves, was anyone really surprised they went out, I mean REALLY? The French have just knocked in their 4th against Iceland.....it's not even half time yet.
  25. It will be just like every other Annual pass holder preview day that has ever been run in the history of Merlin ever! Only it'll be 4 hours of hell instead of the usual 7 or 8!
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