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  1. I have ridden PBBW but I was young and only bits of it stick in my mind, but what was it that made Professor Burps so good? I only remember small portions of the ride as I said so most of it was probably lost on me but I remember there being a great atmosphere and there was just so much to look at but what in particular made it so special for so many of you on here?
  2. The touching is barely enough for someone to hit out, most of the time its a quick brush of the arm/face or a quick grab of the ankles and there is so much going on around you that actors touching you isn't the biggest thing in your mind. Experiment 10 was much worse because the actors were very rough and I was pushed around more than ever before.
  3. is it fright nights yet?

  4. I really enjoyed this year but it didn't feel like Fright Night tbh. I really enjoyed cabin and not being able to pick a door until an actor came out and dragged my friend by her waist into the forest leaving us to follow. Also at the end of TBWP there was a man with a camera on a hard hat who we had seen earlier on running out of asylum to then walk off with a thorpe worker, he stopped me and put a torch in my face before letting me go again, any reason behind that?
  5. Does anybody know the longest route through cabin, I kind of want the full thing?
  6. Precisely, admittedly it is easier to jump out as someone and scare them than pretend to die and scare people but that's Saw. The movies aren't necessarily scary unless the whole 'gallons of fake blood and severed limbs' thing really freaks you out, its supposed to be twisted and sick-minded, and the maze doesn't do the films justice. From a point of view of someone who loves Saw as a whole franchise I can still see where they have missed the point, Saw isn't meant to be scary in the way Thorpe advertise it as. Take a movie like TCITW: I believe that film isn't meant to be scary also, its meant to change the rules of horror films and take you away from the typical horror film cliché. But Thorpe has advertised it as scary and I have yet to venture inside the maze but I believe the actual story has derailed to become scary for guests, and that's exactly what has happened with Saw. Dying and being in pain is what Saw is, about making people suffer for what they have done but Thorpe have gone down the wrong route in filling it with jump-scares. Universal tries its best to mix atmosphere with jump-scares and after watching countless videos on the mazes (yes I know I haven't actually been in them) they don't seem that scary. But after all maybe Thorpe could have really worked by taking a leaf from Universal's book. Some of the sets are there but unfortunately the atmosphere and detail is not in Saw Alive. No wonder the public go in expecting to be terrified and come out disappointed that really its just a glorified walk through.
  7. What monsters were included in TCITW? Also do you have to climb through the tunnels the same as the passing last year?
  8. I love how happy his voice sounds in the voiceover with the sounds in the background. I can see the theme coming together for Fright Nights already.
  9. And before we see it and see that its not up to the standards of Universal just remember the budget for Universal and the budget for Thorpe, completely different and even if Thorpe is owned by a large company, Fright Nights is popular but its no where near as popular as Universal who start their event before the month of Halloween has even begun. I am happy that Thorpe have even tried to make this event successful.
  10. Just to clarify, Thorpe's actual cabin set piece is inside or in a different location in that area. They uploaded a picture to instagram with a picture of the window of the cabin. By the looks of MBV they are making a huge effort and its so frustrating to see fans of Thorpe constantly criticising every move they make. The stones and trees do look much better and add some sort of a theme even if its poor compared to Universal who used to make sets for the horror films in the first place. (and yes I do understand that Universal may not have made the sets for TCITW but they have previously made horror sets)
  11. I could see Youre Next going in the 4D cinema and thorpe making it look like the house in the movie
  12. I know it hasnt been announced but I can see a Swarm type scarezone on the island because the pathway is very large and if they weaved it round the ambulance it would provide a decent amound of space. Also I think The Asylum may retun and Dead Silence as a seperate maze in the 4D cinema.
  13. I wonder how they would change The Asylum to fit Dead Silence as I remember there isnt much to do with a mental hospital in the movie
  14. I can see the park charging for the Fright Night attractions as on the Scaretour page it mentions rides in the dark with no extra charge but doesn't say that about the mazes. I'm also surprised that Scaretour say that My Bloody Valentine is in the old Experiment 10 containers and The Cabin In The Woods is where The Passing was last year. I imagined The Cabin to be in the containers and when you get locked in the small rooms by yourself the lights come on very bright and show a monster in the room or behind some glass or something. Or another way The Cabin could be done is if the maze was done in The Asylum and the area where MHFS was could be an outside area and it leads in and into the building. Also I imagined MBV to be where The Passing was and you climb into the tunnels to get into the 'mines.' Anyway I am super excited for this halloween and Fright Night will top it off.
  15. does anyone know how busy itll be tomorrow?
  16. I'm into the whole Born This Way thing quite alot and it really upset me how the other day someone said to me 'you werent born this way, you shouldnt have been born at all' it makes me sick how people could actually say that to someone.
  17. but its really raining now, so emptier?
  18. I'm there tomorrow so if something happens, I will tell you guys!
  19. How busy does everyone expect it to be tomorrow??
  20. you have to book online, can I pay at gate tomorrow?
  21. Also someone with high heels!
  22. Cant you put a spoiler tab with the Experiment 10 wristband!?
  23. Do you think they will let two 13 year olds in without an adult??
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