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  1. When schools are there, they make the queues so much longer and when they are all wearing the same thing its cringey, but when I go on a school trip like that its okay
  2. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    Do the ride ops check the onride photos to see if someone is filming (stupid I know) but I filmed the double drop on my phone but had to miss out the bottom one because I was scared they would ban me from riding or something?
  3. Mr.man

    Pirates 4D

    But do you like Time Voyagers better?
  4. Mr.man


    So glad you found those pictures, before the lieks of Stealth and Saw, wow the park is so different.
  5. Mr.man

    Pirates 4D

    I miss Pirates 4D
  6. Isnt that why they have got an extra queue at the start of the station, for the front row.On Fright Nights some girls had obviously found a coloured wristband somewhere and they thought it was to get on the queues faster, and I was in the saw Alive queue they all decided to cut to the front just because they had one wristband. The look on their faces when it was a band that a child wears incase they get lost! Also there was a boy in the queue acting suspicious with his hood up. Security came over and took him away whilst he was hiding something under his hoodie?
  7. Mr.man


    My teacher tryed to tell me that the force pulls you inwards, I dont think so because if it pulled you inwards you would be on the roof of the cage.
  8. Mr.man


    Slight exaggeration
  9. You can see it covering the rocks next to it, that's disgusting.
  10. Mr.man


    Everyones scared of Rush, I know so many people that refuse to go on it because of the lapbars.
  11. The Shiny Show and Brum, oh and Bob The Builder, hehee!
  12. Mr.man


    Wicked, lion King, Mary Poppins they were all phenominal, so sad they closed Mary Poppins down, the set was great and the Temper Temper scene scared me alot!
  13. Mr.man

    Lush Cosmetics

    Hey everyone, I just thought I would post this as I am obsessed with Lush.How do you guys feel about Lush, do you like it, do you not mind it, or do you think its some hippy vegan soap? Post here...
  14. Mr.man


    I'm not just saying this because I like X but I dont ever see Thorpe removing it, wont it cost so much money to get rid of?
  15. Something new is coming to Fright Nights for 2011. Its the tenth year, I think they should have a maze or scare zone around Stealth?
  16. I'm just still waiting for this ruddy video!
  17. Nearly wetting myself with excitement even though it's probably going to fail :s
  18. It says it's still got a day to go??
  19. I recon its going to be called war///
  20. I love that video you have made, you captured some great angles of the rides!
  21. Sounds pretty dangerous!?
  22. Hmmm, I'm real excited about LC12's music, hopefully it will be immense!
  23. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    Nice video, I love the Swinging Axe scene in it, but I never noticed the writing on the wall!
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