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    The Black Spot

    A few people said it was because the pirates were growing weed or something? Which I highly doubt is true.
  2. There was one on the floor next to the Saw store, so I took that one home with me.
  3. Thats what I thought :?
  4. Retheme Forbidden Valley, no!
  5. It could be a secret weapon, I just dont see the park expanding, I think they will remove something,
  6. Really want something to be in there now
  7. I dont mind the beach and the dome, but the entrance is the GRAND entrance to Thorpe. It shouldnt be Cheryl Cole and Black Eyed Peas, it should be Thorpe Park.
  8. Mr.man


    But it sounds good so loud and cool, but they need to even the sounds out
  9. I didnt realise you rolled back down, I thought they either got you off or the ride carried on when they got the ride working again.
  10. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    Only thing I dont like about Alive is that the actors come out into the photo bit at the end. If your scared of the actors and you want your photo, most people will leave without the photo because of the actors. Its quite annoying,
  11. Is chart music still playing at the entrance, bad times.
  12. Its quite funny how people panic badly if it gets stuck on the lift. I would be much more scared of getting stuck on Slammer. Even though getting stuck is not funny.
  13. Mr.man


    The one negative point about the new music is the fact when your in the queue it is to loud to bear in some areas, putting your hands over your ears is the only option.
  14. I dont even bother with these any more, I'm always rushing about trying to get everything done, I cant go on a ride like this
  15. Just like jjh123horry, most rides should be fine, Nemesis Inferno has bigger seats in the back rows. Vortex is a squeeze as the bars come down by themselves. Even if you cant get on the big coasters you will still be able to get on such rides as Rush, Zodiac, X/: No Way Out, Quantum, Storm Surge, Tidal Wave, Saw Alive, and slammer.And welcome to the forum:)
  16. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    Did anyone actually go in the Belle before Alive?
  17. Thats why the waterfall always differs on pressure
  18. I doubt it would be, its nothing compared to the likes of Nemesis and Oblivion (and thirteen )
  19. Great review thingy! Really enjoyed reading that!
  20. The second setting offers more of a thrill, the first one just keeps you locked through most of it.
  21. Has anyone noticed the jigsaw head at the exit has been spun around so you cant see the face. Probably some chavs jumping and knocking it.
  22. This is a different maze to Pasaje del terror, and by the way the trocedero centre one closed down for some reason :lol:I am trying to get a trip up their to have a look but it looks really different from other mazes as you interact more.Also my friend went to the aquarium and she could hear the people screaming from inside?
  23. Londons Death Trap is the newest of all the horror maze/shows, things.And I was wondering is it different from any of the other horror mazes? Reviews online suggest you really get into the action by putting your hands into holes and searching for missing keys an so on and so forth.Has anyone visited? If so please share reviews and comments.
  24. Give us news if you go, I'm only 13:(
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