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  1. Today I was watching the news and Stealth came up so obviously I started paying attention. From (I think) the 15th or something like that (???) Thorpe are playing a game/challenge thing where guests are not allowed to scream on their 'terrifying adrenaline filled rides.' I dont know anymore on this, if anyone does please comment...
  2. Has anyone seen the new time machine ride yet, is it any good?
  3. And its not like they have these signs all over the place, its just one, there, randomly:L
  4. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    You know the white angel / bird thing after the tunnel. Is there a bear underneath it?
  5. Dont you have to be good with sick aswell?
  6. Mr.man

    Safety Checks

    I just shout out and ask, but if its locked and the ride starts usually I'll be fine, I just like to check.
  7. Mr.man

    Safety Checks

    I always make sure the ride op checks my restraints, I wont ride if they dont?
  8. I love getting in the queue before they shut, because then you get to leave on a high!
  9. WOW! Also next to MMBR it has a sign saying, 'check out Colossus in the Lost City,' I thought the lands weren't really lands anymore, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Those cracks look awful, you can tell they are stickers, the old ones looked so much better!
  11. For some reason when I stand on the bridge I never get wet?
  12. Mr.man

    Your Thorpe Park

    That ride shouldnt come to the park, its awful!
  13. Mr.man


    Maybe the LC12 area will work its way round there and possibly a new flat!
  14. oooo imagine the asylum over and over, I would love that!
  15. Mr.man

    The Thorpe Park Fire

    On that video you can see the misters working on X, good find!Imagine being the person that started the fire, the shame!
  16. Mr.man

    Little Things

    I was looking through old Thorpe maps and I noticed funny little things that make me look for more.I noticed on the 1994 map on Loggers next to the tunnel theres the angel thing from after the tunnel and I just thought it was really cool. So now I'm looking through them all and trying to find more things.Has anyone else got any funny finds, Sorry if theres already a topic about this?
  17. But say dark rides and water coasters, do they count?
  18. I just wanted to know if you counted water coasters, dark rides??
  19. Can anyone tell me the rules for coaster credits because I really want to do mine, thanks in advance!
  20. I do adore Saw (tehe it ryhmed) but Wild Asia is so well themed and the rides suit the park! Also Chessie has Monkey Swinger
  21. I voted excellent, there isnt really anything not to like, its fast fun and thrilling with great theming and a amazing sountrack!
  22. I voted Loggers, it brings back great memories for me and my family
  23. I can't believe it had a 25 min queue line the other day!
  24. Mr.man

    Thorpe Logo

    Does anyone know what font Thorpes logo is in. Thanks in advance.
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