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  1. I thought the track was all already at the park?
  2. I hope the fish will get more attention by the park as it is gong to be very busy from The Swarm next year! Hopefully some trees to bring back the old atmosphere!
  3. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    Couldnt they put a luminous yellow line on the floor to follow or something?
  4. Mr.man

    Lady GaGa

    Does anyone know when her tour tickets are coming out??
  5. I cant remember where I saw it but a dingy boat had a filter system where water could leave the boat but not enter it?
  6. Its not really hard to acheive better than Thorpes terror zone!Se7en does have that netting on one end, why not buy lots of that and cover the tents?
  7. USHHN made all the movies that they advertise as their mazes. Thorpe did none of this. It doesnt matter with the tents anyway when you enter its sch a suprise to see how detailed it is.
  8. Thats really weird though about the WWTP thing. Maybe it was supposed to be for X? Highley unlikely I know but just a suggestion?
  9. I think a few people thought the actual track will be going up now when everyone mentioned vertical construction.
  10. Thorpe probably only agreed to do the show if they can advertise The Swarm
  11. Aww, it makes me all happy when I see the ride has a new home, shame the home has that logo :DDoes the ride have the same name as when it was at Thorpe?
  12. True. They could just have a really really short advert with just The Swarm and then the Thorpe park logo. I think it will get people thinking.
  13. I think they should start advertising the Swarm and play the War Is Coming video?
  14. I dont really hate any tv programmes. But it annoysme on Dancing On Ice when they have to do a big move and its like the worlds ending! You know they will always do it correctly!
  15. Mr.man

    Lady GaGa

    I dont even think Bloody Mary is that good?
  16. Thats such a cute story! My stepdad wants my mum to move so shes closer to his work, I dont want to leave my school and friends as we just got settled, and my brother just got a once in a lifetime job here. Argghh.
  17. They wouldnt replace a ride with the same ride. They would just retheme it. As everyone is saying I think they will retheme it and place SW7 next to it. The poster does indicate the Flume is leaving, but knowing Merlin they will probably just retheme it and its a completley new ride. I do hope the Flume isnt removed but if it does go then I can just imagine a floorless coaster flying over the lake where the Flume ends now! It gives me shives already.
  18. I didnt think they went anywhere? Can someone shed some light on this??
  19. I saw the advert for that, gutted I missed out. Not to dampen your mood about it or anything but wont it be quite busy if alot of people have got the same date as you?
  20. Mr.man


    That must be bad, Rush's cycle is terribly short!
  21. Mr.man


    I think they still have the music, also its dark but with flashing lights and stuff
  22. jst got back from camping :P

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