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  1. Lewis.


    Gotta love sitting on the brake run waiting for the other train to be dispatched, legs pinned in place and cramping up like they're about to explode
  2. I'm not totally sure that me being the gluttonous hog that I am could handle a mixture of binge eating and "Europe's most thrilling rides" these days. It could be interesting but from my experiences of some of the truly awful pop-up ones we've had in Brighton over the years I'd rather just go to Camden Market. That place is food heaven
  3. Oh yeah I have absolutely no doubt that hell will freeze over before we ever implement something even half sensible in regards to literally anything in this country but I can dream
  4. Maybe the problem is bigger than just Thorpe, as many of you have said they really are backed into a corner. I've said for years that having some form of general, official ID card would come in handy in so many situations. You can sort of get them now but they're in no way "official" or I think accepted anywhere as actual proof. I think it would work; I have a free bus pass, if I don't have my pass I don't get on the bus for free. The same could be applied to Thorpe and any other place that offers stuff for disabled people, want the RAP? You need your disability card. Like the bus passes they could even be scanned, maybe coming up with some vague info about the persons conditions and whatnot. Surely the technology is there.
  5. Is it only a doctors note that's required? I would have thought that asking people to present a blue badge/PIP letter would be safer and weed out people who just want to milk the system. For example I go to tons of concerts every year and most venues grant early access for people like myself with disabilities, most of them just requiring you to email them a copy of your PIP letter and you're on the list. That picture above of the queue to get the ride access pass is genuinely worrying, I'm on the fence wether or not I want to go back to Thorpe this year after already having not been since 2015 and the whole system just seems like it's being abused to the point where it would impact my day.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if something slightly less dramatic were the case. I'm sure they'd love to be replacing the at this point innumerable derelict attractions and investing in new ones but there's obviously some struggle with money happening alongside a lack of interest from anyone higher up. I doubt they're all sat around like "shall we get something new this year?" - "Nah CBA lol". I'm with those wishing for Merlin to just sell it off to someone else at this point. The question is, who?
  7. Ah my bad, I haven't actually been in almost 5 years now and they definitely didn't have them on my last visit. I just assumed being Thorpe it wouldn't have changed
  8. In my case getting out isn't an issue at all but I have genuinely really struggled (with Samurai especially) a lot over the years. It may seem insignificant but straining to get up into rides can and in my case has lead to pulling several muscles and being left in discomfort for long periods of time. I suspect H&S is the reason but to me that's flawed, I'm more likely to fall flat on my face struggling to get up into a seat than simply stepping up onto something and plonking myself in. Hopefully this is something they've considered as people with invisible disabilities still too often get overlooked. It's great that they're putting in an effort with whatever it is they're doing though!
  9. More accessibility is always good One very simple thing that I have suggested to the park before is to get steps/small stools they can put in place as some rides like Samurai and Vortex with higher/awkwardly angled seating can be tricky to get into when you have extremely limited upper body strength. Or they could go down the Winter Wonderland route and employ burley Eastern European men that upon seeing you struggling to hoist yourself up and without any prompting will come over, lift you up and throw you into the seat (I think I enjoyed that almost as much as finally getting to experience what a Top Scan is supposed to be like)
  10. Lewis.

    Thorpe Park 2020

    It's going to be the latter though isn't it
  11. I stand corrected! That is exactly the kind of naff lineup I envisioned them going for though. It doesn't surprise me that it wasn't a success I could be wrong but isn't the Eden Project just as remote? I saw a show there and there must have been around 5,000 in attendance, if not more! I feel like Thorpe could afford a better lineup if they really wanted to and could easily lay on more transport.
  12. What was Island Beats though? I'm assuming just some vaguely famous 12-year-old playing music off their laptop? I'm talking about actual live music, established acts that people would turn out for. I've travelled all over the country seeing shows, so do many others. I think it could be a pull.
  13. I think Thorpe would definitely benefit from some kind of amphitheatre, various places holding 'summer concert series' have been rising in popularity in recent years. Some of the best concerts I've been to have been at places like Kew Gardens, The Eden Project and so on. I can only imagine the kind of horrendous, cheap acts Thorpe would get but I think it would work for them.
  14. I still haven't been since 2015. I've slowly gone from saying "I really need to get back to Thorpe this year" every year to "actually I'd rather explore the European parks". Walibi Holland in June confirmed - Phantasialand/Europa hopefully later in the year! Thorpe just isn't on my radar in its current state.
  15. I visited BPB with some friends this weekend for the fireworks/rides in the dark. Two things: . I really like their new system for disabled guests, it's fair and mostly efficient. The only thing I'd change is that I think they need to have a clearer distinction between disabled access and speedy passes, and to prioritise disabled guests slightly more. A few times we were stuck waiting in a queue at the ride exits, even 10-15 minutes standing around can be difficult for me so I definitely struggled with that, especially towards the end of the evening. I don't think it helped that operations across most of the park were dreadful though tbf. The Big One was an absolute shambles with the disabled/speedy pass queue out of the station by the time we finally got onto the ride. . Does anyone else not find Infusion rough? I always go on wondering if this is the time it'll finally cave my skull in but I've never had that bad a ride on it. I really don't know what all the hysteria is about. I always really enjoy it.
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