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  1. Future Of Chessington

    .... FML.
  2. Future Of Chessington

    Could be really nice - as long as they use the concept art and not the CG images. Horrible metal fences doesn't exactly look great...
  3. Europa Park

    Me in love.
  4. Congo River Rapids

    Whilst I do agree with the majority of your point - bringing up the McDonald's coffee lawsuit doesn't help when you actually look into the details of that case. Comedy-style video included for reference.
  5. Park Music

    True that. If that entrance is your first impression of Thorpe. It isn't a good one. I mean those toilets are something that would be more suited to a poorly maintained toilet stop on a B road.
  6. Park Music

    I was at the park on Tuesday and spent a considerable amount of time around the Dome area. I like the track. Doesn't grab you too much but that's what I want in my ambient park audio.
  7. 'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    If that's the improved version I hate to think what it was like before...
  8. No no no...not Corkscrew. No. No. No. No. ... No.
  9. Rollercoasters as an Art Form - Input Needed

    Hey. I did my dissertation on Disney World. I've got some articles which may be of some help. I studied how Disney World 'simulates' real life but there may be some use in there for you. Definitely some useful quotes. You should definitely check out Baudrillard and Eco's work on Disney which should feed into your dissertation nicely. Anyway, some sources that I used are in the document attached. (Some may not be relevant...sorry!) Bibliography.doc
  10. Paultons Park

    I would be very surprised if you would be paid more than £7 an hour. Not sure how old you are? You say you live nearer Thorpe so I doubt that the money you'd earn would be worth the cost of the public transport down there. This is purely from a quick google and being a former employer of seasonal staff in a theme park.
  11. General Park Music

    I love themed music. I've got folders full of the stuff on my laptop. I really like the HISTA themed music from Epcot - but anything by Disney really. The 4 Parks One World album is must buy.
  12. The Gruffalo - New for 2017

    If it is to be a "new" ride, surely it is better that is doesn't just re-hash parts from the old one. Surely one of the major complaints about the Bubbleworks conversion to Imperial Leather?
  13. Liseberg

    Just got back from a half day in this park and it is lovely. Helix is a really nice ride but could pack a bit more of a punch. I really enjoyed Balder, probably my ride of the park.
  14. Liseberg

    I'm going this the weekend after this. Anyone know if everything will be open? What's recommended to do, (apart from Helix obviously!)?
  15. Why are UK Theme Parks left to rot?

    I think it must also be something to do with the climate. Britain is a lot wetter than Spain; this must have an effect of the maintenance requirements. Plus there appears to be a desire by the 'public' for something 'New' every year. If perhaps demands changed parks would invest more money on refurbishing/maintaining attractions rather than having to create something new every year.