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  1. That shipping container is now buried underneath Zufari as they couldn't afford to move it. Haha.
  2. Is Philharmagic exactly the same as in WDW? Just missed out on it as I went last week of September!
  3. At Chessington they definitely provide all of the basics to create a temporary sign very easily. No excuse for hand written notes.
  4. Hocus Pocus is definitely not red/blue. I think they're chroma-depth. ?
  5. How much do the charity evening tickets cost?
  6. Hollenblitz is expensive...but fun. Loved Olympia Munich Looping last year.
  7. In no order: Balder, Millennium Force and Expedition Everest.
  8. Wut? EDIT: Just looked at the plans and the Tiger Face seems to have been approved?
  9. Earl of Sandwich is great for quick food! I enjoyed Walt's when I've been in the past. The steak was excellent. I always tend to go left first...you can get up behind the shops on Main Street if there's a crowd and go through the Fort to head for BTMRR first (which is what I would recommend.) Always worth doing it late in the evening/at night too. Crush's Coaster usually has big queues so quite often I'll try and get there for opening to avoid them.
  10. I'd definitely have paid money for a wristband of some sort. The costs were really driving up...I don't really know how much I spent but for my money I didn't think the Boomerang was worth it. I'd probably agree with you on Megablitz which I did actually ride the 2nd day but didn't get a photo of for whatever reason... All of the Dark Rides as Benin said are "Ghost Trains" which for my money are never worth it. They've got the standard load of "fun houses" too...and a couple of shooting rides. The cost really put me off...with most costing €5 now...
  11. Prater Trip Report So I recently went to Vienna and had some spare time so went to visit Prater. It's basically a permanent fairground with all rides being operated independently. This makes it quite an expensive experience and the rides aren't the best with quite a few Wild Mouses (should that be Wild Mice?!) but that said it was a good way to kill a few hours... So arriving at the park you're met with the Big Wheel, which is why most people come to Prater. The entrance plaza is quite nice. The map is pretty confusing. Unless you know the names of the ride you wont really know where to go. So I wondered down the right hand path and found a Wild Mouse, which I avoid like the plague, and this: a Pinfari called "Super 8er Bahn" and it is fairly decent. I remember the days of Drayton Manor's sombrero ride....and therefore decided not to give this a go. Below is Maskerade - a Gerstlauer Spinning Ride with "themeing". It starts with a vertical lift which makes the experience quite unique. It span quite a bit. When I got off the ride I realised the cashier/ride operator had decided to bugger off. Which was...reassuring. Is a Boomerang really a Boomerang if it gets lifted up both sides? I didn't ride this as I was being careful with my funds so moved on to Hollenblitz. This was by far the most expensive ride at €7! But it was also the craziest. I had to wait a while in the station whilst they waited for move people to board. The inside is best described as a drug-induced trip. The carriages free spin which provides for a really interesting ride and means you to be hand rotated as it comes into the station. So then we move onto this monstrosity...A Zamperla flyer called Volare. First you have to climb into the "seats" which isn't comfortable as you have you actually apply pressure on your feet. The spiral lift his is interesting but because of the loose nature of the restraints every inversion is ridiculously painful. I would never ride this again. Ever. Worse than an SLC. IMG_6934.MOV < - Here is a video of the lift hill if this works at all? I don't know. There are lots of "Ghost Train" style rides. I didn't ride any as I don't think they're always worth the money and I was by myself. I think they're less fun alone. Quite often I was the only one on the coasters. Like this inside Maurer spinner. This was again pretty fun. There are many other flat rides to enjoy too...like the classic Tagada. The rides have weird opening times (not labelled) and seem to just open when they want. So there were a couple of rides I wanted to do that were already closed and therefore I went back the next day. First thing I saw was this...which was closed...but still better than Storm Surge. So now it was time for what I was really here for...Hochschaubahn (catchy name!) my first wooden coaster with an on board brakeman. I got a bit photo happy so enjoy a few shots of the beautiful mountain countryside... They also have a nice looking little train that actually has a few stops, so I took a round trip. They had a lot of kiddy rides...like these plane and car rides. In which the cars go higher than the planes...alright then. Then it was on to the weirdest ride I've ever been on. Blue Plant. It's....difficult to explain and if you don't want the entire experience spoilt then don't click the spoiler! After all that I decided to round off my trip with a go on the Big Wheel. You can see quite a bit and they do pack them in. I'd say it was probably worth the money. You can get combined tickets with other things which makes it better value. And that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!
  12. With the history of Chessington's mazes I have no doubt that this will be a story drive attraction in scenes. I don't think that would be enough for me to jusitfy an upcharge though. When you consider that Haunting in the Hollows offered the same for free. I think what it'll probably boil down to is the quality of the attraction. It is is well put together, looks good and is technically sound then maybe it'll be worth it...
  13. What are the queues like for Towers mazes? I've only ever been to Thorpe / Worked the Chessington mazes so it would be interesting to compare that?
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