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  1. 41 minutes ago, SteveJ said:

    There has to be ventilation wherever chainsaws are used and CO monitoring to shut down the maze if too much build up, so that sounds more likely the reason there were shutdowns.

    Alton's mazes still have strong haze and narrow corridors, if haze too strong usually just opening a door for a few minutes would clear it.

    I can't really imagine why the Creek Freak building would have a Covid ventilation problem worse than anywhere else, when it's a wooden shack rather than a stone basement, especially when chainsaw mazes usually require strong ventilation anyway (stronger than for Covid regulations)

    Maybe there were other complications why it didn't open, or just different parks different approach

    Did you go in the maze last year? It was literally just fumes, from the moment you walked in to exit. Perhaps complain to the park if you have an issue with the mazes not opening due to ventilation problems.

  2. https://parksscaresandglitter.blog/2020/10/19/yesterday-at-thorpe-park/


    By far the best response I have seen, and I guess these vloggers, who probably took that pic are immune from the rule of 6.


    Either way if I saw the park as busy as that within that area I would probably just move on and avoid the area and perhaps find a quieter more chilled area. Or in the case of most of these Vloggers, I would just call it quits and head back next week on a quieter day rather than complaining on twitter in seek of vlogger credibility and an invite to next years press event. 

  3. From looking at the videos here's my takeaways, I will probably go at some point this weekend.

    The event looks really good in terms of scarezones and entertainment, I think Thorpe will continue the maze payment  model from now on as theoretically queues should be lower whilst there is still enough entertainment on park so that you know you are at Fright nights rather than  just being at a park with mazes generating less complaints of log queues for average attractions. 


    My only issue is what is the point of having as enthusiasts and Thorpe alike call it a 'VIP& Press Night', I think the agency have failed here as all I see on social is 1 strictly dancer attend and then post about it. I always thought with these events the aim was to drum up as much coverage as possible however tonight that has only been the case for enthusiast sites.. Take Tulley's for example, I certainly don't think it would be at the same level of popularity if they didn't have a great influencer and PR strategy with the likes of the Zoella vlogs bringing in millions of views yearly.


    So then what is it for? Enthusiast fan pages? Who will already be going and spending there money and have highly engaged enthusiast followers who have already bought their tickets and their maze tickets and so if anything your loosing revenue here as do you think the quality is good enough that these enthusiasts (if your page is invited) will be buying tickets to go through the mazes again.... somehow I don't think so, more of a once is enough stick to scarezones instead demographic. And then it's also shocking to see Merlin working with TPWW but I guess he has the family market. And then we have some influencers who may not have the followers but put a lot of time and passion into creating Thorpe positive content being left off the guestlist, just seems like a bit of a slap in the face to them TBH.


    Perhaps this year it would of been best to have a no camera policy so everyone is experiencing it themselves for the first time rather than making a decision to buy an expensive ticket based on POV's, which I think if anything will put more people off the high ticket price items.


    Just my thoughts, I look forward to visiting over the weekend.


  4. Perhaps its just park of a longer term project like what as been done with the dome / megastore. It has to be stripped at some point, perhaps it could of waited til the off season but personally it has no impact to my day so I don't care and look forward to the redevelopment.

  5. 44 minutes ago, Ringo said:

    Someone might want to update the website...(again) plus they are still giving Hotel guests Fastrack for 10am - 11am.





    Remember the park is still on skeleton staff, office job side. Besides I would be confident in saying with potential capacity numbers you won't be waiting very long for rides at all. 

  6. The Creators of the Crystal Maze Experience are launching a new attraction for 2021, based on Judge Dredd.

    Concept art here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html

    Website here: https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/attractions/crystal-maze-creators-launch-judge-dredd-live-game-a4484161.html


    Looks very immersive..



    @JoshC. - Please move if better suited to a different thread. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Benin said:

    You could see the shed on Bob too. But enthusiasts gonna enthusiast.

    Indeed, any kid would appreciate this and wouldn't say, I can see a shed, that spoils it for me....

    I think enthusiasts have a silly opinion of everything has to be Disney standard or else its just rubbish even if it's a quality attraction.

    It really does spoil the day for me when people going on the ride for the 3000th time like to point out the black wall or un-themed roof when I just want to be immersed in what the ride already gives.

  8. Merlin attractions are good to go with certification from the tourist board!



    I assume Blackpool will follow in the next few days if there operations are u to scratch.

    I believe some Merlin Midways are now set to open on the 4th, Manchester for example.

    The London attractions, Merlin's money maker are awaiting for London and tourism to reopen and will be the last of the UK's attractions to open.


    Also its the thought that counts....................


  9. 6 hours ago, Mark9 said:

    Disneyland in California has suspended its re-opening indefinitely. I would be very very surprised if Walt Disney World doesn't do the same as cases in the state are sky-rocketing. In saying that, the Governor of Florida is a madman so maybe it will reopen anyway.

    I think Disney are invested in Florida, they have a contract with the NBA to fulfill and the resort openings seem to be practicing social distancing.

    Not that I agree with this as everyone from Nebraska to Miami will be bringing the virus down with them for their family vacation.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Marhelorpe said:

    Erm, maybe because some people these passholders know will have friends and family which don’t have annual passes (like me), therefore they need to buy a regular ticket like everyone else perhaps? And now they need to justify spending more money at Thorpe Park than Alton Towers or any other park in this country?


    Just because something doesn’t affect a certain a demographic of people doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be criticised. £6 is a very large spike in price, even by Merlin’s standards.


    Are you suggesting this price increase is a good thing then?

    Share the fun, much cheaper or perhaps pay the £20 more and have endless fun at the resort!

  11. All sold out? So there must be demand at this new pricepoint. plus its still cheaper than walkup and can be booked on the day. I really don't understand why MAP holders find the need to complain about a normal ticket price raise. If anything wouldn't that mean less people in park. Besides you have multiple options, share the fun for £15 being one, buy one get one free another........ so in all lots of options so that you don't have to pay full price.


    In terms of gigs yes, gigs do vary in price, I genrally go for the £15 ticket price point on a weekly basis, however if we say a stadium gig or theatre show were looking at £80, Muse London stadium, Reading day pass etc. Perhaps the trend we will see is prices within the leisure industry rising. I know the gigs I have booked for later in the year have added another £5 onto the ticket price. 

  12. 16 hours ago, Marhelorpe said:

    So it appears Thorpe Park is now officially the most expensive theme park in the UK, finally surpassing Alton Towers at long last, yet still no "proper" new ride hardware since 2016...

    Debatable, perhaps the are driving you to buy a season pass, and how to these compare in value to the likes of Paultons and Blackpool? 

    Yes a dayticket price is high but realistically I wonder what % of the market buys these.

    Plus £39 seems to be good value you too when something like a gig can now cost upwards of £80 for a ticket. 

  13. 15 hours ago, TPJames said:

    The event will definitely have to take place as a "temporary theme park" rather than a funfair. All funfairs have now been cancelled until at least November in Germany and it's inevitable it will be the same here. There's absolutely no way winter wonderland would be able to take place in the regular formatting and big changes will have to be made, for example distancing markers, hygiene stations, limited capacity and as you say pre-book only. I wouldn't be surprised if there were no beer tents and live music too.


    As for what attractions come across. The majority of the showmen in all countries have been really struggling throughout this time with limited financial support and not able to host any events. I think the demand for a position at winter wonderland would actually be higher than ever from the showmen as they will be desperate to make some turnover. Winter wonderland is a very established and popular event and I imagine the demand for pre-booked slots would be high. Therefore I also imagine the demand for a position for the attractions would also be high.


    However, no one knows whether this virus is seasonal etc and what will happen with a second wave. If everything is locked down again in the winter months, winter wonderland wont happen at all. But if they are able to open, they could perhaps be very successful as a "pop up theme park" rather than a mass gathering set-up.


    If international travel is possible come October and there isn't a significant second wave or lock down, I think the line-up of attractions could be as strong as usual. Would definitely see Olympia looping coming back onto this soil if they are able to do so, as they can turn a big profit here. 

    Nobody, bar a few enthusiasts will go to a pop up theme park, Winter wonderland makes its money by packing out the beer tents. I'm sure it will be the same of purchasing a drinking session with limited capacity

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