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  1. 2 hours ago, JoshC. said:

    It's an interesting premise, and with the "We value your privacy" tagline, it could suggest that throughout the experience you're 'tracked', or that things are a bit more interactive. Certainly a very Black Mirror type thing too.


    Rather ironic, when Thorpe's Cookie consent policy is not GDPR compliant. In today's day and age you can't track a user until they have have specifically opted into cookies.




    Gosh, I didn't know you were allowed to go right up to the park gates and into the security plaza!

    In fairness what's the obsession with driving from afar to go down a path.

  3. Lego will also have good investments as the main goal is to sell merchandise and increase brand awareness. Keeping content fresh keeps the guests coming back.


    I look forward to trying the flying cinema, if there's not a stupid height restriction.

  4. 4 hours ago, JDann said:

    Wonder if Fastrack / VIP will make a return at some point this season. I tweeted the park about it but they told me to just keep an eye on the website, which is a shame as I would have liked to have planned to visit in the next couple of months. 

    It will probably be announced at start of season. Remember most staff are on furlough currently.

  5. 1 hour ago, 1729 said:

    The tree cutting could quite easily be nothing, could quite easily be a diseased patch of trees and they have to be removed to stop it spreading/collapsing into other things


    Though if Thorpe wanted a sure fire KISS project, a RMC Raptor either of the existing American layouts or a new one would probably fit in the Slammer plot or with a little bit of over spill onto paths


    Yes it would probably have a very poor throughput, but it would be relatively cheap for what public and enthusiast would call a thrilling re ridable attraction and as a medium term stop gap, I take it over them re theming the Inferno maze/ Celeb/Jungle escape maze building again

    Didn't Creek this year require a lot of wood themeing? Simple solution.

  6. On 3/7/2021 at 3:58 PM, JoshC. said:


    I believe that the park have got the budget to sort out the themed feature that housed the fireball. 


    Of course, it's very unlikely that the fireball special effect itself will return. The gas lines had to be cut during Stealth's construction and to reroute them would be incredibly difficult. 


    But the actual ball feature (whatever the name of it is) should make a reappearance. 



    It's certainly fair to say they've done small improvements here and there. On a more blunt point, I think it's also fair to say that many of these have been done because they've needed to be done (ie: because Merlin's H&S deemed it necessary). 


    Equally, there's been small changes with branding, some refreshed food and retails outlets and so forth. In my opinion these are things that most parks should look to do regularly, but it's sadly the case that Thorpe didn't always do that in the past. So it is good to see it's been a common theme in recent years.

    Perhaps change it from a gas fireball to a water fountain element. 

  7. So funfair rides have gone in.

    I like the idea, each extra ride will help increase their capacity limitations and perhaps therefore allow more Map holders in.

    logistically though I can see this being nightmare. For example will we see a RAP queue? 
    the only way I see it working is with an up charge but apparently Towers have hired them out. 
    Merlin have done this before, Heide park for instance had the WW haunted mansion for a 4 euro up charge.


    Also will the showmen have to go through the training requirements of a usual staff member, will be interesting to see how this app works out and who knows if it does work, I think it will be a good idea.


    I guess this also confirms the new world won’t be opening anytime soon. The park maps may be rare though so if anyone gets one with the funfair rides, grab me one too. 😜

  8. On 12/20/2020 at 2:43 AM, SteveJ said:

    Might be off topic but what were those things you mention Glitch? Just curious, I hadnt heard of either those



    Mainly Twitter enthusiasts love drama there.


    So the 'Merlin banning vloggers from vlogging' was a rumor started from someone who had "official Merlin sources" stating that Merlin would stop vlogging within weeks as a result of the TPWW incident. Merlin then invited Shaun to multiple media events and everyone has been free to vlog their hearts out ever since. The person a few months later deleted Twitter, due to their being too much drama on the platform. Returns a few weeks later........


    The Blackpool one happened last off season I believe where a source 'leaked' that Valhalla was going to be refurbished and closed for the entirety of 2020. People once again on twitter were unhappy that, a source had leaked this to a small creator in the theme park fan base, and were sure the source was wrong and the information untrue. Spoiler alert, he was correct. Despite the informant wanting to leak the information, others in the community had said that jobs would be lost as a result and marketing campaigns ruined. Well I guess rollercoaster construction updates do the same thing but nobody complains about those. 


    There are just some mean people in the theme park community who just want to create drama. 

  9. 7 hours ago, pluk said:

    I don't think it can be denied that doing this is his work. I don't think it could be argued he could do this work without going there to do it, and there have been very few attractions open to chose from. It cant be argued that you can travel for work if you cannot work from home because that's the law, and therws nothing in law that states the work needs to be essential. That's not a loophole or bending of the rules, its the law which is written that way deliberately. That being the case I find it hard to be critical of him doing it, even if it's not something I'd do myself right now.


    As for the allegations, he was in a no win situation with that, and as a one man band trying to deal with that I'm not sure what people could expect of him? He's not going to have slick managed response and I don't see how he could be responsible for his friends actions which themselves never went beyond unconfirmed allegations. 


    If people have found him to be an arse in real life then fair enough I suppose.

    Yes it's his work but is it right for taking the GF along for the ride too, working in retail which I assume has lots of contact with others.....

    Also just delve through the old videos and you shall find, convicted pedophiles and some very creepy call outs / sexual innuendos for women within the community.


    Now it seems as he has blocked the whole of Theme Park Twitter and will just continue to do his own thing, which is fine, I'm blocked personally for asking a simple question. 


    I guess we will need a new Rob Alvey eventually.


    On the no win situation thing, I believe the same happened to Coaster Studios in the US and one of his friends. I believe a FB response/ support group was set up very promptly.


    Either way this community is clearly very toxic, perhaps my jabs at TPWW add to that but I believe they are justified. 


    However we can't go a week without one form of drama or another.


    Remember Merlin allegedly going to block vloggers or people leaking Vallhalla's new retheme ruining an entire marketing division. 


    There's only one way to best describe Theme Park twitter: 


  10. 1 hour ago, pluk said:


    This is a very silly way to look at things. The park have put more than reasonable measures in place to be covid safe, you can't blame them for who turns up from where.

    Just a casual  rhetoric jab at Shaun, his channel needs to be gone and its a shame that its still around. 

    I would visit if in the area for work purposes obviously. 

  11. 20 hours ago, Martin Doyle said:

    *looks over at America and see the Busch/seaworld parks has an 11 park pass with no exclusions, free parking, one free quick queue pass a day and multiple tickets for other guests cheaper than the Platinum MAP


    Lets see now in regards to new attractions between last year to this year now.


    Busch/Seaworld - Iron Gwazi,Pantheon,Texas Stingray, Ice breaker, Emperor.


    Merlin - Gangster Granny, Croc Drop, Black Mirror.


    Yeah the UK deffo got the better end of the deal lads!!  





  12. Yes prices went up but themed experiences and attractions don't come cheap? Hopefully this will push more money into the pipelines and release extra Capex from Merlin for the attractions.


    I think most people have misunderstood how much value the Annual pass used to bring at the very low pricepoints when an AP for just one of the other non Merlin parks was within £30 of sale price.

    At the new prices I still think that value is there, when say if the Swarm for example was the only ride in the location of TP and they charged £10-£20 as a oneshot, like the rollercoaster on the Vegas strip for example, I would still pay for it, even if it was a one and done attraction. Remember attractions arn't cheap too, Wickerman 16 million, Swarm 18 million, yet there letting me have unlimited rides on millions of pounds of hardware and creative knowledge for the cost of around 4 day trips at £60 each.


    For example I like the idea of going to Thorpe or Chessington to see the new attractions and events, when they come maybe 4 times a year, and then still being able to go to London for a daytrip and get into the 'tourist traps' without having to pay any extra is just great value still in my opinion.


    If were looking at the price monthly, when released of the pass at around THE £20 -£30 mark well thats still cheaper than my gym membership and something I would be willing to pay.  


    Perhaps this may be a good move for getting more people to go on day trips rather than be passholders however that may hurt midway, my hope being that the parks are able to generate more income to get the love and attention they deserve.



    Lets also be honest the MAP group are never going to be happy. Most of the issues they generate themselves, take RAP for instance, without the MAP group awareness of that product offering and how to get in even cheaper with a carer pass wouldn't of created the demand we see today. Note cattle pen queue lines for RAP registration. 


    I hope TBH that Merlin go further and ban outside food and those Titan bags from being allowed into the park. Instead have a picnic spot outside the gates by the carpark. 


    I will probably end up signing up for the monthly pass when it becomes available as I enjoy visiting the parks and still think that any cost sub £300 yearly is worthwhile for me and I am sure that we will see trade deals and sales reducing the prices further.

  13. 1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

    If restrictions allow, we are 100% going back to Japan next year... we've got the savings, we had New York planned in March (non theme park related holiday obvs) - but we agree we want a BIG holiday now as soon as opportunity allows! Ahhhh, DisneySea ❤️

    Head out to nagoya and get the legoland credit. Its a shipping port town. Also this thread clearly says 2020 plans not 2021 mate.

  14. In my opinion Fright nights needs a rebrand. Seeing to many posts on that MAP group about how their kids were scared and how to put up a cross to not be interacted with. For me seeing families / kids running around is a complete atmosphere killer as how the hell can this be scary.


    I think theres only one way to do it, and I don't see it happening. Close the park at 4 and have an event going from 5 til 11, 13+ only  and no ways of preventing a scare.

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