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  1. The consultation team probably hated having enthusiasts in the room trying to get the first scoop of ride manufacturer etc when the goal is to get local residents onside. Just like the fixation on will there be an RMC in the London Resort consultations.


    I think we also have to remember that the teams at MMM and Chessington arn't stupid, I would expect something new and something they can market. If Croc drop is anything to go by on a flat ride, I'm sure that they have something cool in their back pocket.

    Lets just wait for July before criticizing that they are building a ride with 0 capacity.  

  2. 24 minutes ago, Matt Creek said:

    I’m honestly glad the park is developing a new area and coaster, but I’m not gonna lie it would be concerning and even disappointing if the selected model was just a junior boomerang. 

    Chessington seriously need a people mover (not Disney) in terms of throughput. Once upon a time, several rides could reach or surpass 1000 PPH whereas nowadays they are lucky to reach 500. And that’s before half of that is given to fastrack and RAP pass.


    Who know's what Merlin may or may not have up there sleeve's, but I'm sure we can expect a UK or World's first in some gimmick or another. 

    Capacity doesn't really bother as I wouldn't go on a peak day, however I don't think Merlin are stupid. This looks from the planning, to be a BIG and COSTLY investment, so I'm sure all elements will be taken into consideration and perhaps even some new technology built.


    I look forward to following the project and look another Wickerman style structure by the looks of things.

    1. A new rollercoaster – guests will be propelled on a car through banks and turns before coming to a dead end on the track adjacent to a themed structure on the southern part of the site. The car will then be propelled along the same route back to the station located on the north east part of the site. A hard standing ride maintenance area is to be provided adjacent to the ride station.

  3. 1 hour ago, Coaster said:

    Early days I know but this doesn't look very inspiring.  Chessington need a high capacity family-thrill coaster IMO, not a boomerang style ride.


    Go along to the meetings and get the coaster blocked on the grounds of it looks boring. Or even better apply for the open job at MMM:



    I wonder what the IP will be selected as?


    Also new for this year CWOA are offering free tickets to the locals, must want them to agree with the plans.



  4. 1 minute ago, Coaster said:

    I'm criticising the ride's throughput and capacity, not the ride itself.


    And how are we supposed to get a good estimation on those until post Covid / the ride actually running at full capacity with staff up to speed on what to do. It's not mean't to be the parks flagship ride, so capacity isn't really a problem, if the queue's long come back later. And perhaps if the queue is too long then the park may look at implementing a new system to improve guest satisfaction in the area.


    Overall it looks like an excellent themed land, which I would of loved to experience as a kid.

  5. 1 hour ago, Coaster said:

    I watched the Gangsta Granny POV, it looks fun but I think the ride is ultimately flawed in that it has to stop multiple times for long periods of time so that it lasts more than 30 seconds.  The very short layout means running as a constantly moving ride wouldn't really work - but doesn't this in turn mean that the throughput will be extremely low?


    Towers look to have done a great job with the ride system they have, but the issue is that it's yet another case of Merlin underfunding a project and giving them a second-hand ride system not designed for a park as busy as Alton.


    I'd have rather seem something like W&G for the ride system (8 seater vehicles, constantly moving, a much longer layout) than essentially 3 corners which stop constantly.

    At least try the ride first before criticizing based on one short POV. Do we know that it was underfunded? I'd be great full of a new ride and nice looking area of the park, doesn't look underfunded to me.


    I believe this project, took CAPEX from other parks budgets.....

  6. 1 hour ago, Coaster said:

    I don't particularly like Alton Towers having every ride using ITHOTMK, I know it's an iconic theme associated with the park but it's not very creative.  It gives the rides/areas no identity and everything just blends into one IMO.  Alton don't even own that music!


    It is in Colossus and Nemesis Inferno's IMAScore themes, and was played in the queues when I last visited (2019) from what I remember.

    I Disagree.... long rain HOTMK




    Side note, it's a shame that Alton Towers can't play this mix at 9:30 AM every morning before gates opening to get everyone to dance along too and hype everyone up for a day full of adventures.


    It also works as excellent marketing, in the UK at least if you hear HOTMK what is the first thing you think of?

  7. On 10/26/2020 at 1:16 PM, JoshuaA said:

    Honestly I think people should know its not for kids right? Chessington is down the road.. No matter how you brand it, people still won't listen..

    As a scare actor I have seen infants and even babies in a sling come through the mazes, its not the brands fault, but the people who are foolish.


    Most scare events do not have age restrictions. Even Alton Towers don't seem to properly enforce their 15+ restriction, I went through Sub Species when I was 13 for example. What could of they done? Ask for ID? The only ID you could have that age is a passport, and some people don't even have a passport. I think it really should be down to parents, its your child, if you spent 2 minutes on the website you'll probably know whether its appropriate or not. 

    Bringing back the conversion here and double post as I really can't be bothered to find the edit button. 


    I really do think Thorpe need to remodel the Fright nights....

    Lets bill this thing as being scary, close the park at 2PM have a discounted day ticket price for families and then open 4PM - 11PM or later if permitted, for say over 15's only, with a strict door ID policy.


    Last year fright nights was filled with families and for me this just kills the atmosphere, or if you want to go down the family route then just do it, but then don't bill it as being frighting. Ideally here I would much prefer if the all ages were allowed that parents are in guest services all night crying about how scary the event is.........


    I've been Glitch. thanks for coming to my TED talk. 

  8. 1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

    Anyone else think it's a little odd that Thorpe have posted nothing about Black Mirror on their socialz? Or have they forgotten about it?


    What's everyone's wild speculation about what it's going to be like? My gut is it that will have a mildly clever thing in there, that's slightly impressive first time around but that's about it :D I am also more than a little concerned about the throughputs... but we shall see!


    Meh, not bothered, perhaps they have been told not to promote in case of any Covid push backs. Interesting though that the website carousel images aren't even promoting it. 


    Side note I am prepared to buy you one point for every vlog cameo you get on opening day. Bonus points for getting into the lords vlog.

  9. 2 hours ago, Benin said:


    I too like to post random things on message boards without sufficient evidence. 



    Latest vlog, at Drayton Shawn saying how they were going back to the park to film official POV's.

    If your statements in terms of the channels behavior, just go back and watch the old vlogs or perhaps Twitter from last year seems to have a lot or perhaps the fact I was blacked for asking a question< something to hide perhaps.


    It's just a shame the parks and Merlin included continue to support this man when there are in fact 100's of other excellent vloggers out there. But I guess all that matters is the views.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Mattgwise said:

    Ah the nineties and early 00s, how I miss you more and more! Agreed. Maybe the most extreme of other cases could be part of it, but majority of RAP cases are not 'cannot queue cases'. 


    See that is the thing, back in the day it would of been a case of parents taking you in queue lines to learn skills such as patience, you want to go on that ride, well you are going to have to wait patiently for 30 mins.


    Nowadays diagnosis is much more common and perhaps that's just the way we are going as a society. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, Benin said:


    Like when Legoland changed theirs.



    I think with Covid rules coming in a few of the exit access RAP have been changed to the Fastrack queue. That certainly would lead to some of the issues seen here (or for example, Thirteen at Towers, and Duel had zero disabled access last year).


    Operationally though, wouldn't this create an issue in itself. I thought you were only allowed 1 RAP group per train due to evacuation procedure etc. Doesn't this mean they will all just get merged at the merger point of the queue and no longer seen by station staff as a RAP guest.

  12. Seeing reports of 1hour+ long RAP queues. It all seems to be getting a bit out of hand now and I feel sorry for those who need to use it.

    The bar has been set too low and doctors are more than happy to write a note for anything nowadays.

    Personally I think there's only one way out of it which is to abolish queuing all together and have time slots. However thats failed in the past. 

    Also seeing a lot of comments about fast pass being prioritised etc, I thought that wasn't possible with only 1 RAP group allowed per train due to evacuation reasons. 

  13. 13 hours ago, JoshuaWAH said:

    Even the value nowadays at the pizza pasta places is bad- but here at Legoland the price point is extortionate. This is more expensive than Disney and Universal, which are overpriced in itself..


    I'm blaming Merlin because it is a bloody Merlin park. Who runs it? Merlin. Lego is just a brand that happens

    to bring in the people. There is being smart and charging a bit more, and then there is daylight robbery like this price point we see here today. Would you pay for this? Would you buy this meal and feel like you got a inch of value for money?

    And who owns Merlin? - Lego, they will, always have a premium price on their products plus the extra cut they want to take on top of the normal theme park revenue. 

    With prices so high however that may prevent people from buying Lego in the first place, the reason why the park is even there in the first place.

  14. 16 minutes ago, JoshuaWAH said:

    This is absolutely stupid- I thought Merlin actually were pretty good with providing varied and actually not too expensive food. This makes Disney look cheap, for Pizza that is not even that high of quality. Not too long ago we could get unlimited for cheaper.. I'd rather order Pizza to get delivered to the car park for cheaper lol.


    Honestly I will bloody pack sandwiches if I have to next time I visit a Merlin park.

    Why are we blaming Merlin? Are we seeing the same pricepoint at Alton, Thorpe, Chessington? - Nope.



    Its Lego, and its always been the case.

    MRW i am a Lego buying expensive coffee. - GIF on Imgur

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