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    Now that's a tough one. . . erm. . . Here's a list just a few of my Interests:
    1) Animals
    2) Walking
    3) Theme Parks (Love Thorpe Park)
    4) Horror Movies (will someone if they come across one, find me a film that is actually scary)
    5) Rollercoaster (Love 'em)
    Message me to find out more

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  1. getting slightly tired now lol :)

  2. getting slightly tired now lol :)

  3. Wolf


    Rush Is an awsome little ride love it lol
  4. Port Aventura it's a good theme park, didn't really think much of it when I went back in 2007, its very slow moving, constantly packed (like playing a game of Theme Park Sardines). The main thing I liked about it was the fact that Woody the Woodpecker is their mascot. The rides were alright Dragon Khan is the best the Furious Baco the second. but over all meh.
  5. Wolf


    Yeah I see what u mean, can get rather annoying, they need to get bigger trains and a couple more if they can fit 'em on
  6. Wolf


    Colossus is an immense ride by far one of the best at Thorpe park, I can never get of it! I Could Ride all day every day
  7. Wolf

    SAW: Alive

    Hello . . . . I Want To Play A Game The Rules Are Simple Make It Through The Maze To The End. . . Live Or Die Make You Choice (Or something along the lines of) Imagine taking all the best bits of the saw films and strining them together and trying to find your way through them. Its nothing scary, just slightly jumpy and absolute must do. P.S Hope you like PIGS.
  8. I realise but why not make something of it than just wtching urself on swarm
  9. Perhaps a story as to why the swarm has come to annihilate the earth?
  10. Wolf


    I love xnwo just because its absolutely random and bonkers. That is what makes it brilliant, it would just be rude to change it, it be like haveing something pass down through a family for generations,and altering it or perhaps even disposeing of it just coz its old.
  11. Wolf


    I quite like Vortex, I find it quite a feel-good ride. Always makes me Smile, don't know what it is like it always lightens up my day
  12. I Booked a hotel and got my 3 day tickets to thorpe park for 30th June - 2nd July yesterday! I am so Excited, Takeing My lil Bro ofr his Birthday Present. BRING IT ON JUNE!!!!!

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