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  1. About 1 hour from my house, traffic dependant. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No problem but congrats on getting the job!
  3. Anybody either at Thorpe or Chessington had a ride operator interview? I've got one next week and don't have a clue what to expect!
  4. Damn that brings back memories!
  5. Toothache is hell! Had one early on this year so went to my dentist who gave me antibiotics after discovering there was a slight infection. Anbesol is great stuff for curing toothache. As for wisdom teeth, my top 2 have come out slightly wonky which is normal according to my dentist. If you get pain then you should get them checked out. I still don't see why we need wisdom teeth...
  6. EDIT: Just received an e-mail from HR, phone lines are apparently down today which is annoying but all has been resolved!
  7. Still debating on whether to go to this or not, and yes, this is very late decision making on my behalf. I have work early tomorrow morning so don't want to attend feeling knackered. Not a good first impression at all lol!
  8. Oooh. Looks very picturesque. Love it! <3
  9. I loved the queue line for Runaway Train, going into the cave whilst hearing the sound of the ride going around you. It made the ride experience begin as soon as you are in the queue. It would be nice if they bring that back but I seriously doubt it.
  10. I might just reintroduce myself, however I can't be sure if I've done it already. I'm Lottie, from Portsmouth. I rarely post on here but I am going to make an effort to be more active on here and eventually join you all on a meet.
  11. I believe the sales lasts until the 31st January. As for the family pass, I am not sure on that. Sorry lol.
  12. Ah yes! That makes sense. Hmm, will be interesting to see how popular that becomes during the Festive Zoo Days event.
  13. ^ That. I didn't think anything I.e. rides and attractions wise, would be open.
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