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  1. Interesting that they've got those food outlets in, cheers for the photos Marc. On that note, did they get rid of the chinese/noodle place a while back? I fancied some awful chinese food on my last visit this month (hadn't been since 2015) and we couldn't find it?
  2. ^ I'm assuming StevenVig posted a petty response to my suggestion then... Maybe I was just at Amity during the wrong times, but I just thought it wasn't perfect for me, that's all. Nemesis station music, on the other hand, I loved.
  3. Wasn't really a fan of the audio in Amity during my visit yesterday. Went through it dozens of times over the course of the day and evening, and it really killed what little atmosphere there was for me. Obviously that's just my opinion, and I'm not saying I could do better, but I think something that sounds more obviously sinister with some Amity ambience (seagulls etc) would have been quite nice.
  4. Long time since I've posted here sadly, but I've just got home from Thorpe Park and my god... I feel the need to post here after reading other people's experiences. To be fair on the park, at around 3pm hundreds upon hundreds of travellers arrived and the park and caused a bit of a stir, however security and police were very good as keeping things as orderly as possible. It was clear that all the staff were getting progressively more agitated throughout the afternoon and evening, but to be honest, I don't blame them for a second. I visited Fright Night from 2010 to 2015, and today in 2018, and this year is by far the worst. It's a shame as it's an event me and my friends have always felt close to, and we loyally attended for years. But sadly this year there was just no magic. Do or Die was a travesty. Very unfinished and I spent most of the run through cringing and just feeling pretty uncomfortable. Saw Alive was decent. I've never been a fan, however the actors seemed to try a little harder than they have done during previous visits. As for Dead Creek Woods, I'm assuming this was a joke? It was just a path with some toilets on the ground. Living Nightmare I actually enjoyed. We did two runs through, the first being superior. Theming was good, good enough that it made the other mazes actually feel quite sad to walk through. One thing I did notice was the use of a microphone in the first scene with the headlights. Being able to hear the actress speak clearly without her having to shout made it appear far more polished and professional in my opinion, something I wish they would utilise more often. Platform 15 is laughable. I'd never done it before today, and will never do it again. It's just a tunnel of nothing. Oh, and Vulcan Peak doesn't deserve a review. I will say however that the roaming actors and the performers in the Dome were fantastic on my visit today. They were all so enthusiastic and seemed up for a laugh, definitely a highlight of the day for me. It's really a shame. Like I said earlier, I used to be so loyal to this event. But after this year, I just don't think I can bring myself to go anytime in the foreseeable future, which sucks because I've had so many fantastic experiences at FN. So yeah, just thought I'd put my two cents in.
  5. For those that are interested, Gold Rush had it's grand opening today and it looks to be going down a treat. Looks great in my opinion! It has a good mix of forces by the sound of it and the layout flows really well.
  6. I haven't been to Alton Towers since 2014 and the only reason I planned on returning this year was to ride Hex for the first time in over half a decade!
  7. Looks like a nightmare if you're claustrophobic too!
  8. I keep one getting reminded of the mirror scene in some of the ToT attractions at Disney (when you all turn all ghostly and weird). I'm imagining stuff like that for some reason...
  9. That layout of the boomerang is in no way confirmed, purely an idea created by a german user called Tobi.
  10. Bit soon. I can't imagine it's just a bus style/immersive tunnel ride. I'm guessing it'll be like two rides in one or something similar maybe.
  11. I'd say the best ones have been Cabin in the Woods, Experiment 10, Asylum, Se7en and if it was longer, MBV would be up there for me too.
  12. The new sound walls are being put up! (Well the framework is)
  13. ^ Yeah the noise complaints towards Phantasialand are almost as bad as Alton's! This is why Talocan is half in a building, and Taron has the big metal wall (as well as the rock wall). Between RQ and Taron there should also be buildings/more rocks to block out the sound, and also because the park don't own all the land there so that have to section it off! The whole noise thing is quite annoying. The park have purchased and subsequently knocked down a couple of houses in the area however there are still a few houses almost on the park's property! This is the reason the expansion plans got denied
  14. So it would seem this is what we can expect from the RQ revamp!
  15. Not disagreeing for the sake of arguing, but how is it similar to Dismaland other than that it looks dirty/abandoned?
  16. Which part are you confused by? Edit- Ok for those who can't quite make sense of the layout (to be fair it's quite busy) I've just drawn over the photo for you! The yellow is the first part of the layout, and red is the second half.
  17. Altitude

    Logger's Leap

    Yep, it's awful! I'm guessing it's not all down to budget then if all the Mack ones are closing, or are they more expensive to run?
  18. Can't wait to go back <3 <3 Once they've completed the village and RQ's tower everything is just going to be fabulous I can't wait!
  19. Remember B&M has Baron 1898 in their portfolio now, and the supports for the drop on that coaster are totally wacky! I'm still holding hope...
  20. Still think this looks a bit meh, except for the drop and the fast transition before the last turn/element, they look fun!
  21. Altitude

    Cats or Dogs?

    Have you ever had a cat? Both cats I have had have been loyal and loving. My previous cat would get lonely during the day if he couldn't see anyone. He would always be on someone's lap, having cuddles, he even used to try and clean my hair for me sometimes Cats are so much more than food-wanting hairballs. Yeah, some of them can be knobs, but at least none of them haven't ripped apart children in public etc. You can get good and bad ones of each species, just the bad dogs are worse/more dangerous than bad cats.
  22. Altitude

    Cats or Dogs?

    Cats are just the best. Sorry dog people, I know it's hard to hear but it's true! If you annoy them they'll give you hell, but if you treat them how you'd like to be treated (as you should with anyone/thing) then they'll be so loving and loyal back to you! Plus they clean up after themselves and take themselves for walks! Saying that, my previous cat used to go for walks with us around the block and he loved every second of it
  23. It has the loop from Starry Sky Ripper <3 This thing could actually be incredible.
  24. Benin, Hartenhof was/is going to use this technology... ... not the Pandora's Box! Although tbh the latter does look good.
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