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  1. I rarely post on here anymore but Mer that video is made so well. Well done!
  2. I strangley found Colossos very bareable and the music is great! I overall really like the park and I agree Flug isn't the best I still find Swarm better! Krake is a good ride. I quite liked Big Loop maybe because it had Corkscrews old trains from Alton Towers which made it special for me! The top spin is actually run pretty well and I like the Huss section of the park! Desert Race is great also, I am not a fan of SLC's and this one is no exception, painful throughout! Scream is probably the best drop tower I've ever been on, it really is an incredible ride with an incredible soundtrack! Overall though I really adore the park!
  3. Rich

    Paultons Park

  4. 2005-2006 were the best looking!
  5. Rich


    It's just the usual one without the hump (same as Blackpools)
  6. No idea where you heard thay but Cobra has not been repainted since it was put in...
  7. Filling the inside of the track with sand does decrease the noise as it dapens the vibrations.
  8. Rich

    Paultons Park

    The Stinger is staying as part of Critter Creek, the new coaster will be for 2016!
  9. Rich

    Paultons Park

    Here is the new release from the park regarding Critter Creek next year! https://paultonspark.co.uk/blog/2014/12/545/paultons-park-2015-whats-new
  10. Rich

    Paultons Park

    It will be an excellent addition and I'm sure there will be lots more developments and things released soon regarding this area :-)
  11. Rich

    Paultons Park

    At this present time I can't say but can confirm it won't be part of "The Stinger" but will be included in Critter Creek.
  12. Rich

    Paultons Park

    The Stinger has been completey re-painted with dark green track and light bold green supports. Wind in the Willows building is being kitted out inside. I should imagine a lot more will happen after Christmas leading up to it's official opening.
  13. Went last night for a few hours and must say it is without doubt the best lit park at night, it's just really pretty! Rameses laser and clubish music I am not a massive fan of, felt sorry for the operator who had it constantly shining in her eyes. In the 5 minutes I was standing in the queue it was starting to annoy me. Without doubt it looks nice, it's just irratating after a while!
  14. They can't "stall" as that means it doesn't have enough momentum, as they are powered all the time this is not the case. They fault, this one way more than a certain other one in the UK which has done this once this year. It faults and for whatever reason wether it's a faulty sensor or overspeed etc, causes the fault and tells the ride to slow down and stop at its earliest convenience. It doesn't matter which side it stops as long as the ride stops. As I said though Kobra appears to be having a lot more issues than Edge when it comes to this. They have tried many things on Kobra I believe to reduce the faults, one of them slowing the ride which has caused it to behave a lot better.
  15. I went to chessington on Wed afternoon and even Vampire was on 2 trains (using both trains) with no more than I saw 6 people per train because there was no one waiting!
  16. Rich


    For a small period it used to go round twice each way which was pointless because as soon as it spun up to speed it would slow down again.
  17. I am going next week and can't wait!
  18. Rich

    Paultons Park

    There are no official sizes as such but if he can get on most things at thorpe then Magma and Jumping Bean (more so Jumping Bean (maybe the only problemtatic ones for him!
  19. A normal topspin can do that in manual if you have an op that contasntly works on it on manual! It was done to beat a world record of some kind. The people on that ride knew what was going to happen!
  20. Rich


    The main arm and cross arm have an encoder or sensor to detect its postions. The loweing sensor is done on the main arms, if you sit at the back by the tower you will see the switches on the hydraulic arms to tell the ride it's lowered. Just for refrence as well, Top scans don't use normal electric motors, they use hydraulic motors which are obviously powered by electricity. The bars are controlled by pneumatics (air pressure).
  21. They don't cost much at all It does use mains water, but when you put into context stuff like Depth Charge, Storm Surge and Tidal Wave filling themselves up over night and the amount of water used in the catering outlets and toilets etc its nothing.
  22. Griffins runs from 12-3 because it really is out the way! Also it is run very slow, it is indentical to the Kontiki at Paultons This is how Griffins is run - This is how Kontiki is run -
  23. I think I might be back! :P

  24. So was just having a browse at Chance's website as Submission is being removed and I find out that Vortex is designed by KMG but made by Chance under the name of "Revolution 32". http://www.chancerides.com/rides/images/revolution_32_specsheet.pdf Just thought I would share this! Even Thorpe's 2013 press pack states that Vortex is made by Chance Rides/KMG. http://www.thorpepark.com/downloads/press/THORPE-PARK-Press-Pack-2013.pdf
  25. Rich

    The Smiler

    Smiler was running really well yesterday! Gerstlauer were on site for a few days fixing the problem to get it going for fireworks!
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