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  1. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Me again! Hi Looks like you will be going the containers this year! Last week I joked about the Tunnel 15 sign, over the past few days that sign has been removed along with the addition of some new theming inside the container. The I'm A Celeb sign has been removed ready for Bag Maze Vulcan Peak. Blair Witch also now exits via the Nemesis Inferno path. For those that love blue pallet photos... get over it more photos at the normal place. See you at the preview next week! https://themeparkguide.biz/news/1525/Fright-Nights-2018-Construction-Summary
  2. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Its time for that weekly Fright Nights photo round up anyone miss My Bloody Valentine? This photo should bring back some memories. Lots has happened over the closed season days... this years event should be amazing if the park pull it off. Big Top Entrance Face feature thing: Big Top Red Lights in the dome: *Insert pun about lots of photos here. "A container load of photos at the usual place" https://themeparkguide.biz/news-page/1523/Fright-Nights-2018-Main-Work-Begins
  3. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Probably going to be announced tomorrow
  4. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    The entrance for one of the mazes looks to be setup. Wooden pallets are forming a corridor into a black tunnel with speakers on the side. Pallet loads of photos online https://themeparkguide.biz/news-page/1512/Fright-Nights-2018-Preparation-Continues
  5. James Allgood

    2018 General Discussion

    Work on Zombie Hunt has begun! If you like toilets then urine luck... looks to be early days still but I'm interested to see how the park pulls off this. Some new house being built behind the timber tug boat ride: And I'm getting some serious shrek vibes from this toilet: https://themeparkguide.biz/news-page/1468/Zombie-Hunt-First-Glimpse
  6. James Allgood

    Amity Beach open?

    Dont think its going to be open for a while yet...
  7. James Allgood

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    You can't see much from across the lake but the entrance is definitely gone! I admit its sad that Thorpe might be changing the theme of the ride but with the new music they put on it last year I found it a bit rubbish. It was better with the clubbing music and lasers. I think if the park does change X then it will be a massive improvement on what we had this year and for a while now. Any investment is better than nothing! Just look at the tat some of the American parks get... http://themeparkguide.biz/news-page/news-display/1374
  8. James Allgood

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    So my predictions for next year... X revamped and Rush open for the start of the theme park season. Slammer also removed maybe? http://themeparkguide.biz/news-page/news-display/1367
  9. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2017

    3 hours for a scaremaze anyone?!
  10. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2017

    Yeah quite a few items. I’ll upload a few photos in a bit
  11. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2017

    I love the lighting around the park! Great to see the park have picked up on geeks comments... http://live.themeparkguide.biz/
  12. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2017

    And I give you... a fright nights mug! Taken from the tpg live blog. There’s an audio clip on the page as well for those that care. Enjoy the photos and videos from tonight. http://live.themeparkguide.biz/
  13. James Allgood

    Fright Nights 2017

    That was probably me yeahhh. This year I think we’re gong full out. Audio recording, and prending permission, photos and videos from within the mazes. Rather than it being just one person doing the live this time there’s 3 of us. So should be good
  14. James Allgood

    The future of Canada Creek?

    I think we're see loggers leap removed and a new wooden rollercoaster put in its place. Theres a lot of land thats sat there unused. In regards of the railway... not a chance the old trains are dead and none of the old track is useable
  15. Chuck me down as a maybe! Not been to a meet before so could be interesting