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  1. I think the 2018 announcement do have something to do with X. Maybe they are going to incorporate the whole building and make it a Walking Dead Maze/Ride just a mere suggestion of course.
  2. £40 for Behind The Scenes tours it's gone up £20 is that even justifiable.
  3. Could we potentially be getting a Refurb or full Retheme of Rumba?
  4. The worst that's happened to me is having a ball gag strapped to me and coming out of the maze in just my top and boxer. I will miss face it alones.
  5. Or it could foreshadow The Walking Dead. I mean Negan uses a wired baseball bat called Lucille to crack people's skulls in.
  6. Realistically for food if anything I'd suggest East an all you can eat Chinese restaurant much better than most of towns offerings. Put me as a maybe.
  7. AlexChewee


    My love life. My college grades.
  8. I mainly lurk because I don't know much about coasters but I love Thorpe Park. Anyway my name is Alex Hewitt but my friends call me Chewee or Chewitt.
  9. Any excitement for Face it Alone lower your expectations unless you get The Big Top.
  10. During my behind the scenes tour of platform 15 everytime they said something about loggers they said it as WAS loggers. Which probably does mean it's biting the dust and not coming back.
  11. AlexChewee


    If you didn't realise I will remind you again there's a thing called derren Browns ghost train it hence why it isn't loud anymore.
  12. AlexChewee


    It might be dead now.
  13. Well I have the full 45 minute loop of The Smiler soundtrack only because I took it off YouTube when it was released.
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