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  1. Hex has always been one of my favourite rides, but the last couple of times I've been on it, the music on the actual ride section has been really quiet and only comes from one side of the room. It really robs it of the atmosphere and excitement :-( Its so quiet you can actually hear the ride mechanism creaking over it lol
  2. They've stated the child's injuries are not thought to be life threatening, so thank god for that at least...
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys!
  4. Guessing Amity beach is still shut?
  5. Ok, thanks! Is the LEGOLAND water park open would you know? (sorry lol)
  6. Thinking of Taking my boy to Thorpe Park today (22/4/18), just wondered if due to the nice weather Amity Beach will be open? Thanks
  7. Gutted. My little boy loves X, one of the few rides there he could go on. He's 9 and under 1.4, and even if he was tall enough, the theme would scare the life out of him :-(
  8. Whatever they do with HEX, I just hope they've left the music alone!
  9. YES!!!!!! Thats the one! :-) Thanks so much :-) So, how come merlin don't release all these as paid downloads etc? I'd buy them lol
  10. Just came to post this! Went today and its a slightly remixed version of Hex that bleeds into some other themes. Its great, so came here trying to find a copy lol
  11. As Charlie is now shut at Alton, Maybe they are moving it to Chessington then?
  12. Well, we had our "Bye bye Bubbleworks" Tour today. I have to say, I was very impressed! The guy playing professor burp was very funny, but most importantly (and somewhat suprising) he knew his stuff! Right from the get-go, he made it clear that the tour would be talking about the ride as it used to be in 1990, before the 2006 refurb. And so he did. He was very knowledgable, going into great detail about the history of the ride and about every room in the tour on how it was originally conceived by John Wardley, and how it appeared in the final ride! A
  13. Just booked my tour :-) I have fond memories of the ride, and my little boy (who is autistic) absolutely adores it! Every time we come home from Chessington, he sits an makes a paper version of the Bubbleworks to play with. He was so upset when I told him it was closing. So I know some may think this tour is a waste of money or Merlin trying to cash in etc, but it will be well worth it for my little boy :-)
  14. Says its a private video?!
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