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  1. Well... whilst most of the park goers are running to find shade spots, these lucky guys got to spend 30 mins face down shaded by track and cars. Most people would say thank you I guess
  2. tomglazed


    Could be maintenance, or could be a case of Thorpe not wanting to make a daily or several times daily check on the temperature of the building so they'd rather keep the ride out of action until the temperatures drop to something more certainly manageable and roster staff elsewhere. They could also take advantage of the time for tweaks.
  3. With all these effects, whilst I'm aware some original effects are not back e.g. fireball but these running water effects, how often than not is it just a case of they have not been turned on as opposed to they have broken? Either way, it is a pretty poor showing especially if it's the former.
  4. I believe they are Sennheiser but unsure of model.
  5. tomglazed


    I haven't been to Thorpe in the peak of summer in a while but could it be due to the heat? Can't imagine it is the most pleasant building to work in or even queue in for a period of time. Plus, increased heat could be causing more people falling ill so they may just want to reduce the risk.
  6. I think the exciting thing about the ride is that they now have something which, in the grand scheme of things, highly customisable for new experiences. Compared to other attractions, bar the 4D cinema, it can be evolved in a much easier fashion... and not just by facing backwards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Went on it today and the number of people that come off saying they feel a little tender afterwards is pretty consistent. On a slightly related topic, was there a particular mechanical or other reason that Vampire got new trains? I know Vekoma came in and did a load of work on the control system also. Just trying to think how viable Colossus getting new trains would be. Unfortunately, unless any new car design offers a drastically different experience I can't see them going through with the bother. Can only hope.
  8. Rode it today, from what I could see there was no shutdown all day and was run on a pretty good cycle. Seemed to park okay but slowly rotated the pods back to their respective number.
  9. Nor does it charge for a better connection to sarcasm... Sure by end of June is what we're looking at now the ride to open? If they let out another delay statement stating they want to "continue to perfect the experience" they run serious risk of people's expectations being set so high that it just isn't realistic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Annoying thing is (and maybe this is a little far fetched) but creating images which pretend to be official opening dates can end up in anyone's hands on the Internet; including the GP. Do we really need GP rebooking tickets for these fake dates only to be disappointed and further negative press is made for the park? And it's not even their own doing this time round! Not exactly very supportive of a place your meant to enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Wow, are we really getting to a point where by people are making spoof images regarding previews and impending opening dates? I'm all for wishing things into existence but calm it down... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I get that but even to stay have someone come within a week or 2. Like I said I am unsure as to the size of Mondial but Summer is very open ended and doesn't imply urgency.
  13. I'm not saying that the whole "waiting for Mondial to inspect it" story is false but I find it quite surprising that there would be no one available at the company available until Summer 2016 to come and inspect the ride in person. I know ride manufacturers aren't huge corporations but I find it slightly implausible but I'll gladly be corrected. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Unless I'm doing it wrong but once the restraints are down I definitely don't have a choice but do what the guy in the left diagram is doing... Guy on the right must have detachable shins to pull that move... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I agree with you that Saw would not be the way to go. That hill going up vertically will likely do you in, many people including me have routinely said screw the rest of the layout, it's that bit that gets the heart pumping most.Personally, out of the big ones at Thorpe I'd recommend Inferno as a first step. It's still thrilling but because it's much smoother than other options is feels far less... I don't know what the word is but we'll go with bonkers. I'm not saying coaster roughness equals more intensity but for first time riders, a rough ride can make the experience seem a little more overwhelming.
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