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  1. Mine was last Tuesday, on Stealth. It was absolutely unreal!!!
  2. Rode Stealth for the first time on Tuesday. It was AMAZING!!! It is absolutely unreal, and I didn't realise we had gone until I was at the very top. The queue was fast, and Stealth worked perfectly, and is certainly a firm and fast favourite of mine!
  3. Well, yes. However, as some have said in previous posts, almost the entire track has been replaced, meaning it will have quite a bit of time left. I still find it extremely annoying that they just removed some very good theming. The old scenery really, really improved the ride experience, and made Dragon Falls look so beautiful, very much improving the ambience of the park.
  4. I agree, it was only refurbished by Garmendael in 2013/14, and this was to increase its life expectancy at the park.
  5. I don't remember there being one on It's A Small World in Paris, but I think there might be something similar to that in another version of the attraction.
  6. There wasn't a top half to the ride, and unfortunately there are no water features. It's basically like the old one, just with an African theme.
  7. Rameses broke down twice in thirty minutes on Saturday. I reckon it's on its way out. https://youtu.be/X0hFPhsTn08
  8. Saw the new carousel being tested today, it didn't look too bad, but I think I'll really miss the old one.
  9. Rode Vampire the other day- They've done a bit of retheming, and they've added the main theme into the queue. What was annoying was that an announcement would come and interrupt the theme about every two seconds. Also, another thing I've noticed is that the station is brighter as well, sort of taking the dark red, slightly more gothic theming down a little. Plus, they have a new announcement, who is nowhere near as sinister sounding as the old one. On the positive, it was working well, and Marcel's moving again!
  10. I'm going to be honest, I definitely prefer the old ride announcements with the new theme, it was better waiting for Dragon's Fury in silence, it just felt more tense that way...
  11. Love Dragon's Fury theme so much! But yes, Vampire and Bubbleworks will always be the best!
  12. Have they only just added this for 2017? I'm not very keen on the idea of single rider queues, The pne on Dragon's Fury isn't particularly good really either.
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